Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to pull pork

A motion by Coun. Roger Caranci to hear opposition to proposed by-laws regulating and limiting the construction of drive-throughs in London (PDF) drew cheers from a capacity crowd in Council Chambers last night whose own purposes as social participants contradict Coun. David Winninger's contention that drive-throughs "don't serve any useful social purpose." Apparently neither do Couns. Winninger or Judy Bryant, who responded to the applause by declaring that "we're in a dangerous situation right now" and leaving the room. Bryant also left unclear whether the danger lay in capacity numbers or in a demonstration of public opposition to the Planning Committee's agenda, but as committee chair her departure forced postponement of the meeting to a later date when, it might be hoped, the passage of time and the annoyance of repeated attendance might defer public attention.

But if public displays of opposition only delay Council's intentions, taxpayers may find it a far more useful strategy to invite politicians to a continuous series of barbeques, such as the one last Thursday that distracted a quorum of Councillors from forming at a scheduled meeting. The cost to Londoners of hosting 365 barbeques would be trivial compared to the price of letting politicians finally meet to develop the meeting's agenda of a Council strategic plan.

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Honey Pot said...

It is hard to believe the socialist cabal on council are so out of touch with the common people, that they actually believe they are willing to give up their jobs for the glowtard movement.

The only thing the common people expect from these white collared overpaid welfare recipients is for them to distribute cheques to the lower caste welfare recipients, so they won't steal their cd players and cars.

The common people realize that not everyone in the city can be a city councilor or on welfare. Someone has to work to keep the economy going.

The next meeting to promote the glowtard movement is going to be very volatile. More and more people whose livelyhood depends on grunt work are very pissed off. They don't give a flying fuck about appeasing gaia. They work for a living, and if you threaten their livelyhood, there is going to be hell to pay.

Jake said...

The socialist cabal was chicken--plain and simple. They were using the overcapacity argument as a pathetic excuse to cancel the meeting. They were just delaying the inevitable grilling they would have gotten from the public.

They could have moved the meeting to Centennial Hall within a matter of minutes--as has been done numerous times in the past.

If there any good to come from this cheap ploy, it's this: It will give franchise owners and employees at Timmy's more time to organize. They've set up petitions and have a website.

I think Londoners have finally reached their wits end when it comes to pseudo-fascist environmental regulations. This with the water bottle ban are the last straw.

The shoe finally seems to be on the other foot--and I'm glad.

Honey Pot said...

The report in the lfp today is even funnier.

It appears the socialst cabal were so frightened of the people in the public gallery they left the meeting to hide in another part of the building.

*Bryant, whose account of how the meeting ended differs from those of some other committee members, says there was no indication the meeting would draw so many people.*-lfp

It must have been a shocker to the socialist cabal when that many people showed up to give them a piece of their mind. The disgruntled grunts will make sure more will be at the next meeting. It is all over for the socialist cabal, they can kiss their gaia good-bye.

If they were smart, which they aren't, they would sit there, collect their welfare cheque, with thier gobs tightly sealed, and do out their terms.

Bryant you actually believed that you are going to ban people from working in an industry that doesn't fit into your glowtard agenda, and you thought they would be ok with that?

Bryant, you know those kids you got out of the highschools for a couple of days to protest the drive-thrus? They don't count, they don't work, they haven't a clue that they were out there advocating for mom and dad to lose their jobs. If you had of invited them to carry a hezzasshole flag with a picture of Bin Laden on it around Victoria Park, they would have done it, to get out of school for the day.

Are you right out of your fucking mind Bryant?

You know all those old hippie's that you sit around with on a Saturday night, drink wine with and discuss your vision of a green world? Guess what? They have children and grandchildren who depend on working for a living.

Those kids want things, they aren't willing to eat grass, they want to work and have the income to buy the good stuff to smoke.

mariposa said...

Corey Morningstar:
"Global warming is real."

LOL - I thought the ecofreaks had toned it down to "Climate Change" when they discovered that the planet wasn't heating up fast enough.

Gee, if you want to "save" the environment, don't ban drive-thrus...ban Al Gore. Forget about carbon "footprint" - his power consumption is more of a carbon "crater".

Jim Horne said...

Improving traffic flow in the city will reduce greenhouse gases to a greater extent than banning drive-through service ever will. And it just might make citizens a little happier with fewer delays at stoplights. Some on council need a wake up call. They should be looking into the City of London's direct and indirect production of greenhouse gases in order to reduce London's total carbon footprint. They should not be harassing local business employers whose taxes pay for many of the city's services.

NIAC said...

LOL, Hi all. Long time, no posts.

I believe that more carbon footprints should show up on green asses. The whole premise of the drive-through ban is ridiculous, scientifically flawed and so minimal in its net effect that the turned-away-because-they-couldn't-fit-anymore crowd that showed up to talk about it farted out more undesirable pollutants going to city hall to watch everyone, including The DeCicco, walk out.

Just like every other wannabe movement, I would like to state, for the record, MapMaster, if anyone should think that Drive-Through retail is bad, DON'T USE IT. Just like plastic bags, recycling, public transit, air conditioning. Too much public "rubbing-of-oneself" for a cause that is lost in the efforts.

LOL, I'll just end that rant right there.

Hi HP!


Honey Pot said...

Hello there Niac. I can't quit laughing at the shock caused to the socialist cabal being confronted by the working people.

They have the whole working class of people in the city wondering if their job is next to be axed, if it does not get the seal of approval by the glowtards on council.

It is comical that the socialist cabal thought they would get no argument from the people who work in the restaurant business.

NIAC said...

I can't stop laughing at the sea of blue t-shirts at a certain coffee-selling franchise who puts their drive-through revenues in the 40-60% range for 'mixed' types.

Remember the city getting sued for making a stupid call on something like this? What's going to happen when places like Rona, A&P, CIBC, The Beer Store etc are let to run Drive-Through retail/service?

You can't just "stop" gas-powered vehicles being buit, because the economy will flip...however, when you kick a leg out from the dining room table that Canada (North-America) has been eating on for 70 years, there is going to be push-back.

Wanna see what will happen if "glowtards" keep this shit up? Ask a tobacco farmer. The government has no interest in helping them change to ginsing or soybeans or sod...and that is about 3% of Canada. I can't wait until 75% is thrown out of work so Morningstar can claim victory.

Do people like that, the pompous, self-absorbed ones, really think that the general population is too stupid to know that sucking in deadly gases is...well...deadly? I am so glad that those people are here. 21 million people will have someone to point the finger at, I guess. Yay Glowtards. LOL

NIAC said...

Is it me?

I am literally typing this while watching the London City Council, Monday, June 23rd, 2008.

20+ minutes have been spent arguing that council will not be arguing about something that was not resolved in arguing last week.

It is being danced around, and I can't tell if it is something to do with the strike vote or the Drive-Through issues.

The one thing that IS clear is that after 23 minutes, the planning committee has agreed to agree that quorum was lost with only 3 members left in council.

Oh, crap...ya, the council walked out of the drive-through meeting.

Yes, they are aruging that they have been told that arguing is not going to be done.

Ridiculous. Even Provincial Parliament is not this "high school".

Honey Pot said...

They will be able to sell tickets to the city council meeting on banning drive-thru's on July 5th.

I wonder how many glowtards will show up on their bicycles with signs telling people they should only purchase locally grown coffee.

Good to see restaurants fighting back, instead of shutting down their business. That is so un-Canadian like, to push back against the nanny state.

NIAC said...

LOL, "locally grown coffee".

You get a reconstituted star!

mariposa said...

I think the glowtards drink too much of that Kopi Luwak coffee, and it's caused brain damage.

Honey Pot said...

That explains much to me. I had this date a few years ago with this glowtard, I didn't realize he was a glowtard, they don't get into too many details on those dating sights. And people lie on those sites. I know I do. I am not about to tell a potential Mr. Honeypot, I am a lumpy bumpy middle aged female who duct tapes her arse to the back of her neck to get into those groovey jeans.

Anyway, the glowtardian wants to hook up with me at this fancy dancy coffee place downtown. He was trying to impress me, which isn't easy, coz I always make it harder coz I can.

The glowtardian orders us this coffee I never heard of before. I drink day old cold coffee, so it basically all taste the same to me. This stuff didn't. I took a mouthful and told him it tasted like shit. It must have been that Kopi Luwak.

Needless to say the glowtardian was displeased at me for stating the expensive coffee tasted like shit.

Glowtardians never get angry, they just get displeased, and he told me so.

Something wrong with people who never get angry, not just the fact they are usually boring, there is something else wrong with them.

.....could be too much ass coffee.

Bob Howard said...

It's nice to know that our esteemed....hack hack...council is so concerned for our health that they are willing to put a kabosh on our drive thru's to help our tree huggers. The real kick is its nice to know that on a Friday night I can have my mayor point me to a table to get sloshed at. So drive thru bad .... kidney damage mayor approved..