Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fried for a cause without a purpose

What you see here are PETA aspirants on a particularly hot day protesting meat consumption, wrapped in cellophane, suffering from the heat and a stupid adherence to a cause without a just remedy. Global warming is surely next on the agenda.

HT: Billy Beck

cp: The Broom


creme brulee aka GH said...

there might not be a just remedy but there might be a response - a few folks might eat less meat. and that might be what the participants are aiming to achieve.

i saw an art exhibit a few years ago that displayed an easy chair made out of steaks. it made me think about my attachment to meat, my meat-eating habit - and why.

i am one person who now purposefully eats less meat.

the PETA aspirants may be hoping for the same reaction or response in a few others.

is the world a better place because of their efforts?

some would say so, others not.


gord harrison, london

Honey Pot said...

nah, when I saw the picture, I went and stoked up the bbq, and slapped a couple of steaks on.

I find the antics of peta comical, cepting' that time they poisioned the turkeys.

To me that picture is screaming retroactive abortion recall.

Lisa said...

Well Gord, I've been a vegetarian for roughly 17 years and this sort of spectacle makes me want to eat meat.

Mrs. Ashe said...

Quick! Get me a nice thick BBQ's steak, medium rare!

And let's not get offended at real gory pics of aborted baby human beings when they're presented, shall we?

Richard said...

That demonstration is going way too far and is not thought out.

PETA is not sensitive to people who are maybe from other countries who may have witnessed war attrocities and/or genocide first hand. That demonstration might remind them of that.

I have lost all respect for PETA now.

NIAC said...

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I understand that. Don't have puppy mills, take care of your cats.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Food? I don't understand that at all. It isn't like the "wild cattle" are being moved off the prairies for corporate farms, or the wild pigs are being made extinct because their wetlands are disappearing.

Animals born as food are food. They would not exist for PETA to bleed for if that were not true.

PS - where'd they get the blood for this little demonstration?


NIAC said...

BTW - before I get 'eaten' by the veggies and the vegans - I respect your decision to not eat meat, regardless of the reason.