Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Benefits of Higher Education

Overheard in the Wortley Roadhouse, a grad student and her attentive companion.

"So, my thesis is about a, like, guerilla group, they were sort of a... a social justice oriented guerilla group. They wanted to, like, make things... uh... change the power... uh, like, make things more, um, equal, for the people, more like we have here... More like... what's the government system we have here? What's that called? Yeah, like, not like Hitler. Like, totally the opposite of Hitler."


mariposa said...

Oh good lord!

Like, oh my god, she doesn't like know what system of government we have, but she, like, knows it's, like, not like Hitler.

Airhead - christ!

Temujin said...

Is she single?

mariposa said...

Hey, temujin: You like 'em dumb, eh?

She's probably as gorgeous as she is stupid.

mariposa said...

Actually, for her sake, I hope she's good-looking; at least she'll have that working for her.

Mike said...

Not my type, but yes, attractive, in that interchangeable-ditzy-UWO-blonde way.

Richard said...

Reminds me of the "Overheard at Western" website!