Monday, June 23, 2008

Another argument for driving a big, heavy gas guzzler

Good luck ramming through the lingering systematic barricades of racism in a Smart Car.

The Kelly Lake Cree Nation took down a highway blockade near the Alberta-B.C. border Saturday because of a close call with angry and dangerous drivers, band spokesman Clayton Anderson said.

Anderson said he was walking toward a vehicle at the blockade on Highway 52, about 180 kilometres southeast of Chetwynd, in northeastern B.C., when "this guy just steps on the gas and practically runs me over."

He was nicked, Anderson said, and then "these two big rigs and a pickup sped through here and literally just about running over my people."
...which seems to have done the trick! HT Colby Cosh.


clayton anderson said...

What we did was a legal exercise to draw attention to our health and safety.
Thats a piss poor attitude you got there Colby. Condoning confrontational, criminal, violent activity in response to a peaceful protest.

Whats the trick?

Any further response to anything you have to say that does not make sense will not be forwarded to you!

If you chose to be a negative part of society that is your decision.

Mike said...

(I'm not Colby.)

Mr Anderson, I'm a positive part of society.

I am helping Driver-Canadians realize that they do not actually need to stop when random people decide to block public roads. This is good for public order, for the rule of law and its equal applicability to all, and for the safety of wayfarers from highwaymen and bandits.

I'm also helping Middle-Of-The-Road-Standing-Canadians realize that standing in the middle of the road between Worker-Canadians and their livelihoods is neither safe nor smart.

If that's a piss-poor attitude, then I definitely don't want to strike it piss-rich.

Pedal to the metal,