Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, That Racist Human Rights Commission: Helping To Build Whiteville

The Ezra is posting a Daily Human Rights Commission Bigoted Comment Of The Day, featuring the racist thoughts of the hatemongers at the Canadian Human Rights Commission -- as typed out on your tax dollars.

Instead of an MRI machine, you get:

why couldn't we get Whiteville off the ground? I think it was a good idea and held somepromise for those of us who want to be among our own kind - but isnt Alberta too cold in the winter???

- The Canadian Human Rights Commission

(Ideally, Ezra's repetition of this vile sentiment would result in a Human Rights complaint. It would be amazing to see the Human Rights Tribunal act consistently, and deal with a complaint about the republication of its own Commission's racism.)

Why would employees of the Canadian Human Rights Commission encourage racial separatism? That's a value that's completely alien to Canadians, both pre- and post-Trudeaupia. Do people get into Human Rights work just for the sick thrill of introducing such ideas into circulation -- or is it to connect with others who think in that disgusting way?

What so twists a person as to get into the hatemongering field of Human Rights Commission work?

The Commission needs to be disbanded, and its employees sent to a mandatory sensitivity-training resort on Baffin Island.


mariposa said...

The Commission needs to be disbanded, and its employees sent to a mandatory sensitivity-training resort on Baffin Island.

Mike, that sounds like the best remedy I've heard yet!

Hey Londoners, if you believe in free speech and freedom of the press, support these bloggers as they defend themselves against "Lucy" Warman and his/her frivolous lawsuits.

And write to your MP, the PMO, and the Justice Minister (CC the other party leaders too) - let them know that Dean "Free speech is an American concept, so I don't give it any value" Steacy, et al at the CHRC have outlived their usefulness (if they ever had any).

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