Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hey Pompous Windbag

Now that the precedent has been set, I think it's just about time for Bono to step up like a man and debate me about the harmful effects of foreign aid. I've got a venue and I'm ready to go. We can split the proceeds.

Come on, Bono, tough guy, let's see what you're made of. I bet you're too chicken to face me. I will have you know, I also am tough. Rarr!

Update, three minutes later: No reply yet. Just like I thought, Bono is too afraid to face little old me here in little old London, Ontario. He's pulling a Frank Sinatra. Just like that scaredy-cat of a crooner, he's pretending to ignore my challenges to a fair debate over the pressing issues of the day. Bono's pretty tough up there on stage -- but when it comes to facing a real debate, he's not interested. Lot of that going around these days.

1 Comment:

basil said...

Kinsella's no stranger to dumb lawsuits aimed at restricting free expression.

His mother wears army boots.