Thursday, May 8, 2008

Halifax Police Hate My Community

In my culture, the police exist to frighten and apprehend robbers, murderers, and the violent, and to stay out of pretty much everything else that goes on. This is uncommon in the world community, and it is one of the sacred traditions of my people. Now the Halifax Police are committing hate crimes against the ways of my ancestors.

(HT the Freespeecher-Canadian Shadow Government Minister of the Interior)

Police in Halifax are investigating a complaint about a political cartoon that some members of a local Islamic group claim is a hate crime.
The police didn't hang up on her, or throw her out of the station with a warning about wasting police resources. In other words, the police are spitting in the face of multiculturalism itself. In my culture the police do not involve themselves with editorial cartoons. Why are the police committing a hate crime against my community? This offends me, and it offends me that anyone would marginalize my people's ancient traditions by siding with the racist Halifax Police in their bigotry against the thousand-year-old ways of my ancestors.

However tempted you may be, do not read the slave-worthy comments to that news story. They are almost uniformly in the "Freedom of speech, but..." zone. These comments are likely to induce hatred or contempt in the bosoms of the Freespeecher-Canadian community for CBC-Canadians -- which come to think of it may even make my linking to this CBC story a hate crime on my part. (Update: After a day in the blogosphere, the comments skew a lot more towards reality.) I'll save you the pain by quoting one person with his head on straight:
The real threat here is not from Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal, or from the handful of radical Muslims who do not - yet - have the power to mould Canada into their dystopian vision of religious purity - they are merely making use of the legal tools freely available to them.

The real danger lies with home grown, progressive-minded Canadians, working in the legal system, bureaucracies and the laughably titled "human rights" commissions, none of whom understand human behaviour, nor the actual meaning of rights and freedoms.

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Honey Pot said...

It looks like her, and her main squeeze is a terrorist wannabe, she did say she wants millions. Just what is her argument?

Everything about islam offends me. It goes against everything I hold sacred, like freedom of speech, thought. My right to dress as I please, my right to say islam is a violent misogynist death cult, because it is. Where do I put in a complaint to get some money?