Friday, March 28, 2008

Save The Loch Ness Monster!

They're not just a glorified babysitters' union -- they're saving the Earth!

"It's something to do during the day when the students are in class and hopefully they'll go home and encourage their parents to turn off their lights the next day," said Jeff Major, a board learning co-ordinator.
As the oceans cool, and something else becomes the popular hysteria of the day, one good effect of the passing "climate change" fad is that bright kids will learn to disrespect their babysitters' (and their future childrens' babysitters') judgment.


mariposa said...

For my part, I intend to turn on all my lights and run every possible appliance I can during "Earth" hour. I want to be able to watch my meter spin.

When the hour's up, I'll return to my usual conservative usage of utilities.

BTW, has anyone seen Fitna? pulled it, but I watched it here:

mariposa said...

Actually Fitna is available at Dust My Broom too:

Honey Pot said...

I watched it. Nothing thinking people didn't know already.

Islam is an evil death cult, and one that shouldn't be ignored.

Even the left know that now, but it is easier to ignore it, than to confront it. The left leave all the things that take courage, to others.

Honey Pot said...

...and I am also turning on every light in the house, and running up and down the street screaming. The police lights and sirens....should light up the whole hood.