Monday, March 17, 2008

The psychosomatic benefits of health warnings on cigarette packages

For those smokers who are encouraged to quite smoking due to the graphic warnings on cigarette packages, Health Canada can pat themselves on the back. To the majority of smokers who have not quit since these images were introduced, they might be suggesting they don't want them hanging around too much longer.

Ever imagine the bright red broken heart as your own? You know, just after you climb that third set of stairs and happen to reach for a cigarette to calm your racing heart once you reach the top?

Researchers at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., found that heart patients in a study who were more optimistic were 30 to 50 per cent less likely to die in the 10 years following their diagnoses than those who are more pessimistic.

Dr. John C. Barefoot, who presented the findings at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Baltimore on Thursday, said the study looked at the impact of a patient's attitude toward disease.

"For patients, this means that having positive expectations can not only make you feel better but also potentially live longer," he said in a news release issued Thursday.

. . . Dr. Redford Williams, director of the behavioural medicine research centre at the Duke University Medical Center, told CBC News that the most optimistic patients were anywhere from 30 to 50 per cent less likely to die over the 10-year period than the least optimistic patients.

He said the study compared the top quarter of the patients, who were most optimistic, with the bottom, least-optimist quarter of the group.

Even when the researchers adjusted the data to account for such factors as depression and social isolation, the more optimistic patients had better outcomes, he said.

. . . Barefoot said the higher risk of death, resulting from a more pessimistic outlook, remained consistent despite several factors, including the severity of the disease, age, gender, income, symptoms of depression and ability to complete routine tasks.
So when you're feeling immortal and reach for a cigarette, just stare into the warning you receive, visual your arteries clogging, and contemplate.

Now light that cigarette, inhale deeply, and think really hard about how guilty you feel and how badly you want to quit. Hold that drag in a little longer just to really go deep. That's it, choke your brain.

You are damned dear smoker, you are damned!

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Honey Pot said...

Do you know anyone who buys government taxed cigs anymore? Everyone seems to be getting them off the reserve, and then going to the Giant Tiger to buy the fancy cig cases for $4.59

When they were buying them from the real stores,
I observed that the males all ask for the cigs that say smoking is bad for you when you are pregnant.

The girls ask for the ones that decrease the blood flow to their penis, that could prevent them from having an erection.

I have noticed the bags of cigs from the reservation don't have a damn thing on them. People are smoking them left right and center, not realizing their lungs look like shrivelled up long dead camel balls, and their penis is limp.