Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pothole London

London, Ontario is notorious for it's crumbling, pothole-ridden streets and aging sewer system. Council blames it on the weather and continues to beg higher levels of government for a bigger share of the collective loot. Meanwhile, London is at risk of becoming a modern day Atlantis. Taxes continue to go up in this city, but us hapless Londoners see no corresponding increase in common sense.

Lcrap: Politicians who underfund road work are to blame for a growing army of potholes, London's road chief says.

"We're losing ground," roads director David Leckie told city council's environment and transportation committee yesterday.

[..] So, while some have blamed this year's potholes on constant freeze-thaw winter cycles weather, Leckie begs to differ.

Poorly maintained roads are criss-crossed with cracks that allow water to seep in and expand when it freezes.

"The freeze-thaw cycles are blamed, but if those cracks weren't there in the first place, we wouldn't have a problem," he said.
If you have some time left over after navigating the streets of London, bother a bureaucrat by reporting every pothole you see during business hours - 519-661-4570 - or if you prefer, leave some voice mail - 519-661-4965 - for them to catch up on when they return from a sick day. The result of such badgering will likely only result in a further increase in taxes with no improvements in service for dollars coercibly collected, but protests can be fun.


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Richard said...

It's not just a simple case of driving my car -> It involves scanning the pavement immediately in front of me for potholes and washboard crap patch jobs and at the same time looking farther ahead to make sure I'm not rear-ending anyone ahead of me at the same time.