Monday, March 24, 2008

"Left Wing Fashionista" mp3


"Left Wing Fashionista"
words & music: Francis del la cruz le Fou

She’s a left wing fashionista.
I went to hear give a speech, yeah.
So much taller in her boots, yeah,
With dogma which she shoots ya.
She’s got ideas for you and me.
Beneath the wool she’s a ravenous beast.

She’s got books on postmodern culture.
In the classroom she’s the vulture:
Picks apart unjust ideology;
She mixes pathos with sociology.
She's so practised in her patience -
The way she rolls her is just amazing.

She’s not quite sure what you just said,
So she’ll offer her opinion instead.
She’s a left wing fashionista;
She's done the journey to the east, yeah.
She’s a left wing fashionista.
Beneath the wool is a ravenous beast, yeah!