Thursday, March 27, 2008

Give Me Chicken

I just about spilled my coffee all over the mixing board in front of me at the news. How can this be possible?

Sammy Souvlaki is planning to close its last downtown trailer on Richmond Street, citing a drop in business from tzatziki-loving Londoners.

"My business downtown is disappearing," says Sotirios Cardabikis, the owner known as Sammy. "People are not spending like they used to. The business is just not there."

In my culture, nothing quite caps off a night of beer like a Sammy's chicken souvlaki. This will take some getting used to.

UPDATE: This Free Press story turned out to be a load of global warming. I just talked to Sammy and he says there was a misunderstanding. The Carling St. location will not be closing any time soon. Yay!


BBS said...

What a loss! I always visited for a gyro whenever I was in London.

basil said...

Homeward bound on an empty stomach - bummer.

Paul McKeever said...

Reprieve?! Yeah!

Love my Sammy's.