Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting beyond petition drives

Rabbi Dow Marmur in today's Red Star, on the cruel, systematic discomforts that "lofty" ideas about freedom can inflict on the blasphemophobic.

Similarly, though free expression must always be a given, if the cartoons offend members of the Muslim community it's a good enough reason to curb our quest for liberty for the sake of harmony...

For even lofty democratic principles can be used as tools to oppress, or at least cause discomfort to, minorities.
Fenris helps expand on the rabbi's implicit lesson for budding change agents suffering from discomfort.
..[I]f I wish my agenda to be pushed forward, perhaps I too should do things that inspire fear. But in a way celebrated by my culture, of course. Otherwise rioting is a violent mob, not a celebration; burning is arson, not raising consciousness about Global Warming; and beheading is murder, not something dreamboat Che Guevara would do...

Gosh darn, how does your culture celebrate upset-ness? There are many villagers in the family of the village peoples of the family of Male, Female, Transgendered, and other Interspecies Erotica celebrants. And the next time the Double Standarded Toronto Star hurts your feelings, how ever shall you communicate your desire, your demand, your dictated order for censorship? Hmmm?
Wretchard provides further hope and support to the aggrieved and victimized.