Friday, March 28, 2008

Get out of my head!

I'm really not sure how raising the drinking age by two years does anything but create more "crime".

The Middlesex-London health board is calling for Ontario's legal drinking age to be raised to 21 from 19, part of a series of measures to combat alcohol-related deaths and injuries.

"If we prevent one death, it's worth it," said Mary Lou Albanese of the health unit.
You know, sometimes people die because of their liberty. But liberty is something so valuable that people are willing to die for it. We could prevent a lot of deaths if we banned everyone from driving too.
Alcohol is a factor in 6,000 deaths a year in Canada, including injuries from falls, drunk driving collisions, assaults and drownings, the board was told in a report by Medical Officer of Health Graham Pollett.
Why don't we ban alcohol all together? Are all those 6,000 deaths 19-20 years old? Hell, booze kills more people than handguns and they're looking to ban them entirely.

I had forgot about Graham Pollet. I was happy without his opinions in my head. So when I read about control freaks recommending we remove the right of legal adults to choose whether or not to drink, I wasn't surprised to see his name attached. I was - perhaps naively - surprised to see Susan Eagle's name come up. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a politician and minister would have some sense of moral superiority to subjugate us to.
Board chair Susan Eagle said she felt strongly in favour or raising the age after losing two grandparents in crashes involving teenage drivers who had been drinking.
Sorry about your loss, but that sounds like some pretty bad luck to lose grandparents in two different crashes under any circumstances. Were these teenagers even 19? Perhaps they were drinking illegally?
"Nineteen now seems to be the night that you can go out and get yourself absolutely drunk," Eagle said.
Yes Ms. Eagle, people go out and get absolutely drunk - even before turning 19 and for many years to follow. Gee, it sounds like you want to take issue anyone's liberty to do so because you don't like the idea of people being "absolutely drunk". Will you raise the age again when you discover 21 year olds do the same damn thing?

Or how 'bout this: You remove the drinking age all together, teach kids from an early age to drink responsibly, and that way no one learns to anticipate the ritualistic removing of that taboo at the 19th birthday party. Start 'em young enough, and maybe by the time they learn to drive they'll know enough about alcohol to know the two shouldn't mix. And to tell you the truth, I don't know of too many people who waited until 19. So maybe we should just criminalize alcohol - I mean, face it - more people harm themselves on alcohol than on pot and pot is criminal. We can all see how effective prohibition is.

I hate reading about these jackbooted moralists - Get out of my head, damn it!


basil said...

So now "Butch" calls himself Sarah and claims he/she is a doctor.
I'm glad to see you've come to terms with the fact you are not a man. I suppose your specialty is the prostate exam? Anal probe?

Personally, I do wish you could find something better to do with your time than troll the London Fog. Alcohol and writing is a bad mix in your hand - and sheesh guy, it's only 5:00pm and I can smell the stench of your cheap rum from here . . .

JK said...

Susan Eagle said she grew up without her grandparents, killed by a teenage drunk driver. The drinking age was brought down to 19 from 21 in 1971. Susan Eagle must have been adult by 1971. Does that mean the drinking age was still 21 when her grandparents were killed? Rather negates changing the age I think.

We have raised 4 children to adulthood and none of them would ever drink and drive. We always had a European attitude to drink - it was never a major taboo through their teen years. They now have a healthy attitude to alcohol. No Big Deal. If you are an adult at 18 you should have all the rights and privileges that come with that. It is ridiculous that you can die for your country at 18 but you cannot have a drink!

Mike said...

Oh dear. Is it that time of the month for our poor friend again?

it seems that the deeper one gets involved with the project, the greater the expectations and ultimately, the heartaches. Kind of like life itself.

We like your awesome website, OK? You do a great job, and SCENE has been crap since you left, but whatever the phase of the moon, and no matter whether the bottle is half empty or half full, creepy mounting behaviour is neither necessary nor acceptable for a man of your age.

And yes, we do see you as a man, however you may choose to present yourself. But that's all we have in our power to give you. We cannot cure the heartache and the disappointment. You need to find that strength within yourself.

Mike said...

It does appear that these swings are moon-based... February 27th.

Honey Pot said...

.... it coincides with old age pension cheque day. They get up to no good out at the Cherryhill hood when the cheques come in. If they are not buying real odd clothing for their grandchildren,they are hitting the casino, or bottle.

mariposa said...

The drinking age was brought down to 19 from 21 in 1971.

Actually, at one time the drinking age was 18. I remember, because I squeaked by (turning 18) just before they upped it to 19 (on Jan.1, 1979).

Not that it really mattered to me...

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Well if one life is worth it how about we dock nurses pay every time a patient asks to be taken to the bathroom and they sit gossiping at the nurses station,

How about every time someone gets opened up full of cancer after years of complaining to the doctor about vague pains that are ignored we dock their pay by 1/2 for the year and seize their home after all if one life is saved it would be worth it.

Oh and an immediate cessation of abortion because if 1 life is saved it would be worth it.

Immediately anyone who is caught drinking and driving of any age will have a 4x8 sign posted in front of their house that says a drunk driver lives here they will have to keep the sign up for 5 yrs because if one life is saved,... it's worth it.

If people are caught drunk whether disorderly or not they will have a tattoo on their face making it a crime to give them alcohol remember if one life is saved it's worth it.


That was fun, maybe thats why socialists like to ruin other lives with stupid ideas.

PS JK I was in the ARMY at 17,

Sonny Drysdale said...

Hey - they're talking about youse guys & Honey Pot over at Alt-London again!

Is there going to be a rumble after school?

If so, I'll condone it - but just be forewarned - it'll go on your Permanent Record.

MapMaster said...

The event will be staged with helmets, pads, and strict no-contact rules in conforming with Dr. Graham Pollett's rumble guidelines.

Honey Pot said...

It won't be much of a rumble.That pack of cone head socialist over on alt are all airy fairy ideas, and would need to have a meeting to assign some other people to carry their chains.