Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flick On For Earth Hour

“Earth Hour is a great collaborative effort to heighten awareness of the world’s quickly-changing environment and the need to address our tremendous impact on it,” says Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best. “By turning off our lights for an hour on March 29, Londoners can join together and do their part to help save our environment for future generations.”

Excerpted from a press release from the Corporation of The City of London, Ontario.
On Saturday, March 29th of this year, municipal leaders around the world are asking everyone to refrain from burning "non-essential" lighting between the hours of 8 and 9 PM. Inserts in our hydro bills, public awareness campaigns, complete with billboards, posters and pamphlets and LED light displays, are reminding us to conserve for that precious hour of symbolic allegiance to a vacuous ideal. The carbon I save from sitting in the dark for one hour will promptly be spent between the hours of 9 and 10 PM.

During a typical evening, Mapmaster and I run our respective computers, employ the light of one small lamp and turn on the bathroom light if it's particularly dark to ensure we pee in the correct repository. This upcoming Saturday, between the hours of 8 and 9 PM, my abode will be the most energized on the block. Why waste electricity that's going to be generated besides? Take advantage of those smart meters.

The London Fog, Dust My Broom, Mitchieville and Lisa's Kitchen invite you to hasten Spring. Burn as much hydro as you can during this hour. Turn on every light and lamp, fire up the space heaters, bake some bread, cook some soup, do some laundry, print some recipes and be sure to flush. Do your part to combat global cooling.


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Mike said...

Cool... After such a long winter, my backyard needs some space heatin'. This is an important cultural practice.

In my community, Earth Hour is celebrated by taking the evening meal outside, chewing with the face turned down and mouth wide open in such a way that almost all of the spittle-soaked, half-chewed food falls out onto the filthy ground.

"Waste In Good Taste!"