Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FC5's "Forest City's Sinking" mp3

As the Forest City crumbles down, more underground music continues to surface from beneath the ruins. The recently discovered Forest City 5 are a distortion-loving quintet, fueled by malt-liquor madness, with a huge chip on their collective shoulder.

As with other members of the London underground scene, including Diversity Workshop, Hippy Sympathizer and Frank le Fou, FC5 claim to have been inspired by an obscure political manifesto known as "Londonista!" While the details of the manifesto remain obscure (the text was made available only to a select few living within the original city limits), FC5 guitarist, Frank 'Scenic' Smith, assures that it is a London centered cultural movement.

"We don't write songs about nothin' but London. It's where we live, what we eat and what we think about. This is a cultural movement to transform how we think about cities. I hear a lot a honkies talking about a lot of infrastructure funding from various levels of government. That's bulls*%t, man. The resources of the city belong to the people. This is a grass roots movement.

"Screw this top down funding - it's how the honkies of old have always kept us - the people - in place. They take our taxes, pay themselves then give us back what little remains and tell us where and how to spend it. We are going to declare the free city-state of the Forest City. We have the means to elevate London to great heights, but first we must dismantle the apparatus which has been keeping us down."

With Detroit only two hours away, the rumblings of the revolution can be felt all the way down the 401 (so watch out for potholes).

Forest City 5: "The Forest City's Sinking"