Thursday, March 20, 2008

Expensive at half the price

Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best defended the rapid expansion in the number of municipal administrators earning $100,000 or more from 50 to 74 last year as the price of keeping "the best of the best" in London — a price that some taxpayers might even be willing to bear if there were any evidence at all that London's administrators are "the best of the best." But in the absence of any apparent competitive pressures luring administrators away from London, as Gerry Macartney of the London Chamber of Commerce notes, salary hikes consistently above the rate of inflation between 2000 and 2007 — as much as 40 per cent in at least one case — appear to be nothing more than examples of palm-greasing among friends. The London Free Press is right to call it the "$100K club (PDF).

As documented earlier this year by Jim Horne, and published here on the London Fog, the number of all municipal employees making $100,000 or more rose from 12 to 71 just between 2000 and 2006 (PDF). According to Ontario Ministry of Finance figures, Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Fielding was the seventh-highest paid municipal employee in Ontario in 2006. As one of "the best of the best," he has recommended to Council for at least two years running that it grant requests to departments that exceed budget targets.

On a related note, the Statement of Remuneration and Expenses of the politicians who approve the department budgets that include salary hikes for administrators is now available (PDF). Taxpayers can expect a 4.5 per cent increase last year in total salaries, benefits and expenses for politicians to be surpassed this year now that Council has voted itself an almost 30 per cent hike in expense allowances.

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Honey Pot said...

Ok, Fielding is getting paid that whack of money for what?

Absentee rate even worse -lfp

Fielding also acknowledged some question if he's too quick to give in to employees, asking, "Are you tough enough?"

But he defended his collaborative approach and said the opposite, which he called "command and control," would only lead to a workforce that seeks to act out its resentment. -lfp


He is afraid he is going to hurt the employee's feeling by asking them to show up at work? It is obvious he has never worked in the real world, where it is a given that employees are to show up for work. He needs to be fired.