Saturday, March 29, 2008

Canadians dim. Lights to mark Earth Hour.

Others that see this as silly I see as educational for my kids and for my kids future's! ..
We should do this more often
Everyone who claims that this is silly and stupid should get back to the towns from whichthey came for they are lacking their village of their idiot.

I just took a walk and noticed that the brightest building in my neighbourhood was Solin Hall, the McGill University residence. The problem is not awareness - it's motivation. Voluntary targets are a joke. Legislation is the only thing that will work.
I hope they do this next year, I'm going to get a big carton of eggs and throw them at the house with all the lights on. Maybe a bag of potatoes for the mufflers on those cars that are running...

Lots more here.


mariposa said...

Talk about sheep...or maybe I should say lemmings. I guess the lights were off and some dimwits were home.

To DK: I'll be waiting for you and your kind with a bunch of rocks to throw at your head - it probably do the least amount of damage if I hit you there.

I've often found that some of the biggest polluters are the ones that do the most fearmongering.

mariposa said...

This was a good article entitled,
"Earth Hour's soft fascism."

Note: If, like me, you don't support the junk science of the glowtards, then "you're the kind of person who would support slavery and keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!"

Anonymous said...

MIke(eco-fascist)Montreal: "Voluntary targets are a joke. Legislation (FORCE) is the only thing that will work."

At least he's honest. I'll put money on it that earth hour will be legislated in Ontario within the next few years. Of course, once a year won't be enough so that will increase to once a month or once a week.

Honey Pot said...

I know I am on the global warming denier list. If the Gaia representatives succeed in forming the new world order, I am not going to be able to travel by donkey from one glowtard village to another.