Monday, February 4, 2008

Where was Richard Florida when they needed him?

Straddling the border zone between small-scale, grassroots community change agents such as Charles Manson and mega-organizers such as Josef Stalin, the famous community leader and progressive activist Jim Jones was a controversial figure whose contributions to progressive causes have been hotly debated over the past four decades.

For those of us like myself who did not have awarenesses to raise in 1978, and who may have missed out on many of the details and motivations behind Jones' attempt at community-based progressive utopia, here's a fine full-length documentary on Jim Jones and his controversial "People's Temple".

I venture to say that it will strike a chord with readers of the London Fog.


Honey Pot said...

The sequel to the socialist saga will be out in 10 years. Anyone have any information on how many glowtardian commune's they have here in Canada?

I know a few of the followers of the Prophet Suzuki and the great Goracle are infiltrating smaller communities to spread the glowtardian religion. Pretending they are normal, and not raging control freaks, who worshp a movie.

It is hard to understand how people could be that stupid, enmasse.

eng said...

blah blah blah glowtardian blah blah blah

Still drinking the koolaid, eh?

Honey Pot said...

Hey eng, what do you think about your buddy there, prophet suzuki at McGill? Nuttier than a fruitcake stating all politicians that ignore science should be jailed That fascist prick is losing his mind, snorting too much compost.

All I can say is I am glad that nutcases such as the prophet suzuki and lizzie-may are at the forefront of the glowtardian religion here in Canada. Even the left msm is starting to make fun of them.

basil said...

Walter Mondale - now there's a name I haven't heard for awhile. I tend to naively associate the Republican party with wacko religious groups and the Democrats with Hollywood. Fortunately for the people of America, Mondale was completely devoid of anything resembling Jones' charisma and they wound up with a "right wing pigeon from outer space" who, earlier in life had been head of the Screen Actors' Guild.