Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's a storybook without characters?

Sorry to have kicked all you guys out of your home, but since you left people haven't been coming to visit, so we're hoping that by spending even more money to welcome you home . . . again, we can justify funding this nostalgia cult.

Since the city spent $7 million to overhaul Storybook in 2003, the park has lost more than $1 million, a path of debt council has resolved to change.

"I think we can all agree . . . that's a lot of money. It's a sad day for kids and a sad day for taxpayers," Coun. Paul Van Meerbergen said.

The chasm between poor results and lofty projections made five years ago has politicians scratching their heads.

"It opened with such fanfare," committee chairperson David Winninger said. "Do you have any idea how our assumptions were so off-base?"

Winninger expressed concern about giving up on the skating loop after spending more than $1 million to build it. "Isn't that a considerable loss?" he said.
It's kinda like Scientology or the Peoples' Temple; once you've wasted that much money, it only gets harder to admit your mistake. Presumably, David Winninger will be stirring up big vats of grape Flavor Aid for the 50 anniversary celebration.

Here's Fender Newton Wright & Frank le Fou singing Wright's classic,

"Whatever Happened to Storybook Gardens?"



Honey Pot said...

The thing is dead. Another one of those you go there once, and that is enough kind of places.

$7 million bucks wasted, and Whinnenger thinks we should waste some more.

London the city that wasn't, will have us broke with their nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Get out of the zoo business.
Remove animal enclosures.
Take down the fences.
Retain the splash pad, playground, merry-go-round and train and run the rink for free like the other two downtown.
Retain the useful buildings: washrooms, chapel, barn etc.
Partner with private funds to convert the castle into a nice licensed restaurant.
Retain the pathways and nice green grass and flowers and tress and shrubs.
Use what is left as a better location for the rec. dept’s summer day camps for kids
And call just another part of Springbank Park, the Storybook area.