Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Understanding is the first step towards compassion

This was an interesting read for the astounded.

Commenter NIAC was probably wondering similar things, and kind of stole my thunder (all in good fun!) As a result, the author has now edited the profile to remove the painful braggadocio and self-aggrandizement -- but this is Wikipedia, after all. My favourite deleted section was the one on "User In-fighting".

Being an administrator on Wikipedia has no interest for me. While there's obviously an extremely valuable role for administrators, bureaucrats, stewards and arbitrators to play, it seems that the deeper one gets involved with the project, the greater the expectations and ultimately, the heartaches. Kind of like life itself...

The often-petty in-fighting that I've come across amongst various contributors over this or that information/ edit/ block is unfortunate. But, given a project of this size, its complexity, the number of active users and human nature itself, I suppose that it's surprising there's not more nastiness, trolling and vandalism.