Monday, February 25, 2008

Three Plastic Bags (MP3)

Here's the B side to the scary Fenris song -- a highly irritating trad. arr. singalong in praise of that friend of the common man, a friend who gives so much and asks nothing in return: the disposable plastic shopping bag.



well they've got these cloth ones to reuse
but i know which kind i'm gonna choose
it's too much work to be prepared
cause you gotta think to bring em with you there

Crossposted to Mitchieville.


Honey Pot said...

Oh look, Holly is back. That was a nice picture they have of you up on the site.

Things must be slow over on his/her/its site.

Lisa said...

Spam deleted. For someone who hates the London Fog as much as he says he does, he certainly is one of our most frequent readers. Personally, if I don't like someone's site, for example, Holly's, I simply ignore it. I've got better things to do with my time than to leave rude and stupid comments on other people's blogs. What a loser.

Honey Pot said...

Holly is just jealous. His site is soooo boring. Nothing creative, nothing interesting. No wit, nor humor.

Face it, when your breaking news on your blog is about someone writing a book on the history of Storybook gardens, you might as well just pack it in.

There might be about 25 diehard Storybook garden fans in the city, and they are under the age of 6....and can't read.

Lisa said...

Holly is too busy posting spam to turn out anything worth reading on his own site. I've deleted roughly 5 inane bits of nonsense in the last few hours that have nothing to do with the subject of this post.

My apologizes Mike. I suppose I should have allowed comments on my ode to Bitch McLarty troll post. I will throw five plastic bags into the garbage to atone for my sins. Hell, I'll even set one on fire before adding it to the lot.

Honey Pot said...

I think if Holly applied itself, went into detox for a month or so, smoked some real good herb...possibly it could come up with something creative.

Not like Holly is lacking talent, it is just stuck in the 1960's, and it is the old crimson and clover, over and over.

I think it is called arrested personality disorder, you get it from drinking too much cheap liquour.

Lisa said...

We'll promptly ignore our resident troll now. No need to provide fodder trough for the greedy. I'm admiring my plastic bag collection as I type.

eng said...

Who is Holly?

Honey Pot said...

eng, you missed the whole saga on Holly our transsexual troll.

It is boring, don't worry about it.Holly is going through a gender identity crisis, at an age when most have figured out what they are, and seeking out a good retirement home to spend their last days.

Holly came to the realization later in life, and is now pissed off at the world because of it.

Holly should just drink another bottle of cheap whiskey and suck it up.

eng said...

Sounds like a bore. You guys are pretty fair about letting people speak who disagree with you. So if you're deleting, holly must really be a troll.

Why can't we bicker in good faith? Just defend your position, even if you're getting beat up. I know that's what I do.

Honey Pot said...

eng, I appreciate the fact you let us kick you in the testicles at least once a day.

You are a bona fide glowtard, but there is something huggable about you.

NIAC said...


Is there something you didn't put in your bio, you two?

Mike said...

It would appear that I've driven the Ambassador to drink :-(

Honey Pot said...

Londoners urged to declare April 22 plastic-bag free

I can see this becoming a holiday on the Gaii calendar.

They should have held it on Hitler's birthday April 20th. It would have knocked the message home to we deniers.

"They're ugly, they block drains and cause flooding, and our wildlife animals are choking on them." -Barber

Honey Pot said...

eng, I will have you know I have dated some wildlife in my days, but I have never choked one....on purpose.

eng said...

fake eng 10:46

This is getting too weird for me. It's like being in a room-full of mirrors.

basil said...


Sadly there is Bitch. Bitch is a petulant bloated mouth of a dull website who insists upon trolling the more amusing websites in town. Bitch reminds me of Warren Kinsella - oh so witty (not) on the insults, but dare say a word about him/it/her and he/it/she crying about libel. Bitch is so parasitic that He/it/she is now trying to feed off you too (invasion of the commenter snatchers). Assholes have always tried to ruin the freedom/free speach of others because freedom for someone like Bitch means the voices in his/its/her head all start shouting at once.

NIAC said...

This "bitch" is the same "bitch" that was spanked publicly at a few other sites, correct? (LondonCommons comes to mind).

If that is the same "bitch" I am thinking of, I was just getting to like the comments from "bitch".

To bend an old aphorism, it is better to sit there, at your keyboard, quietly and appear stupid, than to start typing, and remove all doubt.

Honey Pot said...

The exact same bitch Niac. He truly believes he is clever, but he is just a sneak.

He just used my handle on a comment about David Suzuki.

He has a rage on for Mike, because Mike kicked his ass, intellectually.

He has a rage on for this site, because it is interesting, thought provoking, and damn funny. Everything his site isn't.

He has a rage on for me, but has toned it down. He knows I got four big body guards, who would snap him in two, any harm came to their momma. Not that momma couldn't do it herself, but I have taken to getting those fake nails put on, and they snap when you hit stuff with your fist.

NIAC said...

LOL, he's got something, I agree. I hope his medical insurance covers having it fixed, or being in resident care.