Friday, February 15, 2008

The takers

John Clarke, an organizer for the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty but better known lately as as a ringleader for organized crime, will be one of the featured speakers next week in London at a public forum being held by London's "anti-racist, pro-feminist, anti-capitalist" Project for a Participatory Society (PDF poster). Together with Justin Podur, of whom enough can be said that he is a professor of Environmental Studies at York University, Clarke will expound on the subject of

TAKING BACK OUR CITY from the developers, landlords and corporations that now dominate decisions that affect us all

How they're going to do that I couldn't tell, but it naturally won't be by the shortest path. While most of us aspire to dominate the decisions that affect us through the customary method of actually buying property, or at least negotiating for the optimal result in a free market for property, activists expend far too much energy trying to dominate the decisions that affect everyone else instead. A shroud of superior knowledge and philosophy may gratify their urges to avoid working at anything productive, but maintaining it hardly leaves them time to accomplish anything that might actually prove consequential, like getting a real job or education. Thanks, but I'd rather take my chances with the un-clenched-fist developers, landlords and corporations if we're going to have to give the City back to the kinds of people illustrated in the event's promotion over at the London Commons:

Link via Honey Pot in the comments.