Monday, February 11, 2008

Stubbing toes

An article in today's London Free Press conveys a wistful tone that seems to hope Londoners will consent, not so much to turning their lights and appliances off for one "Earth Hour" on March 29th, as to their politicians making cheap gestures to their own environmentally correct sentiments on the citizenry's behalf. Realizing that global climate cannot possibly be within their jurisdiction, it is probably too much to expect municipal politicians to recognize the utter inconsequentiality of these hackneyed sort of gestures both to the power grid itself and to the "attitudes" to which they are supposed to appeal. Knowing just how inconsequential and quickly forgotten their own participation in these gestures has to be, of course, enough of the general population can be expected to sympathetically shout "Hurrah!" for one brief and dim moment to make it a rousing episode of blithe self-congratulation all around.


shirley said...

Climate change and dealing with it is within everyone's jurisdiction, including London's civic politicians.

All life in the oceans is affected by the quality of the water.

All life on land is affected by the quality of the air.

All life on Earth is affected by the planet's climate.

Not even a complete and utter fool can legitimately deny this.

MapMaster said...

It's entirely possible that a loose reading of the jurisdictions enumerated in the Ontario Municipal Act would agree with you, Shirley, as much as it agrees with civic politicians. I certainly wouldn't count on a judge to disagree that legal protocols shouldn't be allowed to interfere with such profound sentiments. Bully for everyone, but I sincerely hope that Earth Hour won't cool the climate any more than it has been doing for itself these days.

justice mclarty said...

I'm familiar with the Ontario Municipal Act and have been since 1990 going forward and the energy intitiative of "Earth Hour" in no way contravenes it.

Earth Hour's a voluntary exercise for citizens to participate in.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mapmaster, it is so refreshing to come on to this site and see well put opinions that mirror mine own. This was put forward by Staff. Who elects these people who try to "educate" us with their cute initiatives? Do they get extra brownie points from the politicians for dreaming this stuff up. Which average Jo or Jane Citizen leaves unnecessary appliances or lights on anyway - we pay the bill!

justice mclarty said...

Actually, paid junkets to Honduras during the winter months are City of London staff incentives. True story.

It's not in the collective agreements but those ratified documents are being circumvented more and more as part of a staff team building exercise.

MapMaster said...

I hope I didn't suggest that Earth Hour contravenes the Ontario Municipal Act — nothing much does, after all. But I'm certain I didn't suggest that Earth Hour is mandatory, just that it's extraordinarily silly and self-aggrandizing. Like the anonymous commenter above points out, how many of us leave lights on unnecessarily anyway? I don't, but I'd be tempted to let them blaze away for one hour just to let any politicians or staffers know what I think of the idea.

Honey Pot said...

They are just stupid. I would like to know how many stupid people will participate in this. Like I am going to turn off a good movie to sit in the dark.

I wonder if they will have secret glowtard agents taking the names of people who refuse to participate.

NIAC said...


In similar fashion to a site like The Fog, someone has this nasty itch which is only ever scratched by public grand-standing and glad-handing amongst a number of masturbatory events.

I changed my bulbs. I reduced, reused and recycled. I use a setback thermostat. I give to a few charities, I tip well, I always put back more than I take, I work hard when it is needed, I do good deeds, I take public transit, and reduce water waste ... I take great offence to the organization of "environmental love-ins" to "prove" my worth to a jury of my peers.

I can say that here, since only two people actually know who I am, so my declaration is not me patting myself on the back. I don't need to see anyone 'doing the right thing', nor do I care if anyone sees me do it. I know that I try to do what's right. Anyone who wastes time and energy to conserve time and energy is somewhat hypocritical.

I am neither a tree-hugger or a cheerleader, I don't believe everything Al Gore promotes, nor do I pass it off as being alarmist.

JMHO ... (Sorry for the semi-rant, but some things just bug me.)

Butch McLarty said...

For someone who decries "masturbatory events" there's an awful lot of "I"s in that post.

i.e., I ... I .... I ....

eng said...

Read "The Art of Deception". If you want to break into a credit card database and steal a hard drive with 10 million credit identities, here are some ideas.

Don't try to guess the password, just go into the building, dressed like you work there, and tell a system operator their car lights are on. They are guaranteed to leave their station and then you grab the data. Or you could pull the fire alarm and walk in wearing a hardhat and winter coat, while everyone is leaving.

Or you could con them into turning all the lights off for an hour. Then wear a light bulb suit so you look like you are part of the event, and just walk in.

Canadian Infidel said...


All plant life is affected by the quality and amount of CO2 in the air.

All life on Earth is affected by the sun.

All human life is dependent on plant life.

More CO2 means better growing crops with better yields.

I like to eat plants and plant products.

eng said...

More CO2 means better growing crops with better yields.
Sorry, you just pulled the "therefore all men are rapists" fallacy.

Anonymous said...

The 25-year-old theory is BASED on crisis, now more than ever! Crisis causes fear. And since cold temperature records are being set in a time of “unprecedented warming”, only fear will maintain the so-called “crisis. Don’t forget it’s about man-made CO2 effecting climate and again I’ll mention the fact of the planet cooling. So can we “prepare” for something relevant not to mention real? Is that too much to ask after the world’s longest state of emergency? Only witch burning lasted longer than this. If you GWrs are determined to fear something, try fearing Mother Earth. Not for her, but of her. This silly theory is an insult not only to human nature but nature itself. Heck, lets just prepare for the sun burning out too! It would make about as much sense and this will be the most embarrassing time in human history if don’t stop this CO2 myth, and soon Protect, not “save” the environment.