Monday, February 11, 2008

Smoke 'em while you got 'em

Former RCMP Commissioner Norman Inkster is "dismayed and angry" that the good intentions of millions of dollars spent on tobacco control by governments "are being thwarted by an out-of-control illegal cigarette trade." It turns out that they really do care!

If I were caring in return, I'd suggest that a little less spending on a little less control by governments might just help spare their hurt feelings, even if does nothing to help them understand natural responses to artificial incentives. Well, it could, except that it turns out that what they really care about is their lost revenue. See you on the reserve!


Honey Pot said...

I don't know anyone who buys their cigs from a store anymore.

They have door to door delivery now.

There is no way they are going to stop it.

Does anyone think they will have the balls to go on the reserve and shut down the smoke shops?

There were people scared to drive out to the reserves to pick them up. Scared the cops would catch them and fine them. That was taken car of by door to door delivery.

NIAC said...


I read both of those articles.

There is something I find inherently wrong with the arguments presented in them.

1. When it does come out that "Chinese" cigarettes are tainted with Malachite Green or GHB or some other thing (which is hardly relevant - you can't poison poison, right? It would be similar to complaining about someone putting arsenic in your cyanide), there will be a quiet cheer in government, and a quiet riot among smokers who take offense to having been poisoned+ by tainted cigarettes.

2. I have never seen such a horrible double-standardized, two-faced approach before. How can the government that makes cigarettes almost completely illegal complain about not getting tax revenues from them?

Instead of all the bitching, use the tax money they have to buy out the farmers that are going down hard because cigarettes are simply not legal to use almost everywhere in Canada.

The reality of legalizing pot, for example, is lost on most of the heads, because with legalization (or decriminalization - symantics are for later) comes government control, which of course means tax. I think too many in the political arena are smoking a bowl before the game. The taxes collected on pot sales would make up for cigarette losses easily.

Of course, all the shit that is in tobacco now, due to the buck-chasing chemical-applying industry, would just be switched over to Mary-Jane and we'd be right back to the arguments of today when it comes to cigarettes.

I know I am not the only one that finds the duality of illegal cigarettes being smoked when there's nowhere to legally smoke them kinda funny.