Thursday, February 14, 2008

Self-assessment, The Candian Way

The Canadian Revenue Agency is spending taxpayer's dollars to promote taxation, beginning with research into how best to "motivate" new immigrants to pay their taxes. Diversity does indeed come with a price. Thank goodness for those entitlements. (HT: Darcey):

Few citizens enjoy paying taxes, but the Canada Revenue Agency is hoping new advertising will offer some motivation and maybe even a new slogan: Paying taxes is the "Canadian way of life."

The CRA plans to launch a multimedia campaign this year that focuses on compliance and targets new Canadians in particular, according to a request for tender published yesterday. The campaign is set to run until 2010.

[..] It plans to test the ads on focus groups in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, and wants to concentrate on Mandarin, Arabic and Punjabi speakers.

"The objective of research with these groups would be to determine how best to inform new Canadians that they are required to file a tax return if they have taxes to pay, and that they must file a tax return to receive benefits to which they are entitled," the document said.

Participants in the focus groups will be asked to discuss reasons why they might not pay taxes and what information they need that would help them file. They will also review several motivational messages the CRA is considering, with themes such as: "duty," "Canadian way of life" and "fear of penalty." (Globe and Mail)
If you have attended the Fenris Badwulf School of Telemarketing, you have nothing to fear:
When you take a dollar out of your lunch money, ask yourself, how can this dollar help others to help the helpless?

The average Canadian taxpayer only pays around 55 percent of their income into the hands of taxspenders. Thats only fifty-five cents per dollar. Fifty five cents is not very much money. That is only two quarters and a nickel. So, people who complain about taxes, about mismanagement of taxes, and the squandering of taxes on parasites, predators, and other marginalized members of the community, are racists.

Taxspenders come in two species. The first type are the activist taxspenders ... these are the important people who take the fifty-five cents (thats not very much, now is it?) and wisely re-distribute this money into the hands of the second type of taxspenders. But this diversity of taxspenders all have one thing in common: they cash cheques drawn on some government account.