Friday, February 29, 2008

Paul Van Meanbergen to blame for increase in absenteeism

Having "disillusioned and demoralized" the "hard-working employees" of city hall with his insensitive observations, Paul Van Meerbergen must shoulder the blame for the inevitable increase in absenteeism in the wake of his remarks.

"We are dealing with a deep-rooted cultural problem within the civil service of the City of London," Coun. Paul Van Meerbergen said.

"I come from the private sector and if our average sick days (were) 18.5, our plant would close," Van Meerbergen said.
Sorry sir, but all your real world experience doesn't mean a damn if it hurts people's feelings.
Van Meerbergen's words prompted a strong response by CUPE Local 101 president Cindy Cossar-Jones.

"I can not emphasize enough how Councillor Van Meerbergen's comments in the media regarding alleged 'unproductivity'[sic] of municipal workers have disillusioned and demoralized these hard-working employees," she wrote in an e-mail to The Free Press.
With absolutely no care for the feelings of others, he insulted the "culture" of over 2000 people. What a terribly insensitive person.


Jack and Danny said...

Paul obviously doesn't know about the torture chamber in the basement of city hall where scores of City employees have been waterboarded and forced to listen to CHRW for hours on end.

Honey Pot said...

How dare he question the right of city hall union members to take two Saturday off a month to relax and regroup.

That leaning on a shovel all day in this cold weather is torture.