Friday, February 8, 2008

Offense Taken: Alert The Authorities

This letter in today's Free Press offends me. It violates my rights not to feel angry and hurt. It is a disrespectful, brutal, hateful, bigoted attack upon values that my ancestors killed and died to establish and defend. I can hardly type this through the tears. The dripping mucus has stuck down the \\\\\\\\\\ key on my keyboard. Though he would disingenuously, smirkingly deny it under interrogation, the author clearly hates me and everyone else who thinks like me.

Every nerve aches with the torture, the agony that I have had to endure reading such hate-think that spits all over my people's traditions and values.

From the grave, my forefathers scream out their pain at the insult and disrespect offered by this hate-filled monster. Will you listen? Are you too desensitized to care? Will you, too, cast them into the fire and piss on their bones like the letter-writer and the London Free Press?

My heart cries out its torment: "Why is the author still a free man?" "Why is the London Free Press not under investigation for promulgating his hate?" "Who will champion my freedom to silence the filthy words of this creature who hides behind his version of 'free speech'"?

Somebody better have a cheque and an apology ready for me before I hit "PUBLISH POST".

In the U.S., "freedom of speech" has precedence. There, one has the right to offend up to the point of "fighting words" When the fighting starts, "might is right": those who can afford the best lawyers. I would suggest that is not a fair system.

In Canada, all of us have a right not be offended on a number of basic issues that we have no control over ("grounds"). The law is structured to protect the weaker party. Ordinary social interaction is expected and there is intended to be room for give and take.

The other issue Jacob presents is that the U.S. has human rights. Here, we are comparing apples and oranges. Unless the American is working for the federal government, and even those rights are limited, for most Americans there are no human rights. The Constitution has precedence over everything.

Whatever human rights the Americans have is grassroots local level, sporadic and inconsistent. Canada's is top-driven, universal and law.

For all its failings, I know which one I want to be under.
I feel assaulted. If this fellow truly believes what he says, he will turn himself in and be forced to apologize to my community.


NIAC said...

I'm a little offended by your being offended.

Mike said...

Silence, bigot!

Show a little bit of sensitivity.