Monday, February 4, 2008

Looking backward

Speaking at a conference organized by McGill University's Faculty of Management on the theme of "looking backward and moving forward," David Suzuki drew cheering and applause from an audience of business students when he suggested that "they look for a legal way to throw our current political leaders in jail for ignoring [environmental] science." Replacing democratic methods with management of political leaders… this must be what management education at our universities means by management as it "moves forward." It obviously has little to teach students about business.

As Suzuki rebuked the students, "You all think [economic] growth and change is normal. It’s not." He's quite right, of course. Authoritarian regimes that stifled growth and change have actually been the norm throughout most history. And they happen to be the blueprints of his political philosophy, which is why he complains that "The only guide for our future is our past, and we don’t look back."

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Honey Pot said...

Imagine all those little bauble headed business students cheering him on.

Yes prophet suzuki, we will all start up basket-weaving businesses, and spear chucking training centers to protect our crops from the other villages.

Anonymous said...

David Nutzuki: "I feel Mother Earth. I hear Mother Earth. She is saying HELP ME!."
-this "scientist" doesn't need a laboratory, he needs a room with padded walls. :)

eng said...

If I pump my septic tank out into the nearest river, I will go to jail. If I am the chief executive of a corporation that does something like that, I will go to jail. It used to be just a fine and it was often paid as part of the cost of doing business. The (remote) possibility of jail seems to make them more careful now.

You can certainly dispute whether current government policies are the same level of environmental crime. I for one do not think they are.

But the point is, should not government officials be held to the same standard as we hold our corporate executives?

Most of Suzuki's lecture touches on the fact that environmental costs are often not factored into business decisions. Now we have laws that require it, sometimes by having jail time involved.

At one time, we just looked at the orange and purple coloured river and called it progress. When people drank the water and died, we said it's their own fault. We simply counted our blessings that our jobs at the mill did not involve exposure to the poisons. We certainly didn't try to refuse working in the toxic areas, otherwise we would be tossed in the street and wouldn't even get the pittance they paid. We would then have to steal to get our scraps of bread, a hanging offense.

The good old days.

mariposa said...

But the point is, should not government officials be held to the same standard as we hold our corporate executives?

If you believe that, shouldn't Suzuki be held to the same standard that he preaches himself? Like stop driving across country in a carbon-spewing passenger bus, and sell some of the huge energy-hogging homes you own.

Who died and made Suzuki supreme judge over all things environmental?

Honey Pot said...

eng, do you truly believe that there will be no consequences to shutting down the economy to appease the glowtardian jihadists?

do you truly believe that prohpet suzuki, the goracle and lizzie-may could control the weather if they were put in a position of power?

Jailing politicians for not starving people to death is a new one. Only in glowtard world, would this make sense.

MapMaster said...

Assuming that when he said ignoring the science he meant ignoring the law, Suzuki's hope for jailing politicians would require laws that don't comport to science in their drafts but that would operate with arbitrarily definable constraints enabling science to judge the laws upon their execution. In other words, laws whose administration cannot be anticipated. I don't think Suzuki would be troubled that these kinds of laws are among the hallmarks of tyrannies.

Honey Pot said...

eng, for your own good, stay away from those glowtardian jihadist. They will have you poisioning turkeys and taking out taking out ceo's with blow darts.

Come towards the light, celebrate consumerism. I have a great big bottle of golden nut wine, 1977vintage. If that don't knock the glowtardism out of you, nothing will.

Honey Pot said...

Mike you got to make a spoof on the ambassador London video, that some fools paid $51,000 to make. I couldn't believe it when I went and viewed it. Not only is it cheesy and real cheap, you know damn well someone is getting their hands greased and greased well.

No one can do it like you Mike. That one with Gestapo Gil should have been nominated for an academy award.

Mike said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, HP! Unfortunately, I wouldn't know where to begin when it comes to making original video.

But, for $30,000, I could definitely help explore the parameters of agreeing on a framework for consulting with more video-savvy community members on what it would take to put together a sweet little 5 minute piece.

Honey Pot said...

I got an idea for you Mike. Take the pictures of the holes, the tombstones out by London airport, pictures of city councilors and union members that attended the hezzasshole terrorist support rally at Victoria Park. You got tons of stuff right here on the blog. Get Frank to write up a little jig a person could dance to, and float it out to the world, via the internet. Call it, "the city that wasn't."

I bet you would get more hits than that cheesy expensive little ditty, those trough suckers made for the city.

shirley said...

Why don't you do it elaine, since it's clear that you're the brains around this nut hut of depravity.

Mike said...

I think of this more as a crackhouse of kookery -- but then, I was always more about alliteration than rhymes.

Elaine, I'll have you know that I have read my Richard Florida, and you aren't going to pull a fast one on me by trying to get free creativity done just for the supposed "joy" of it.

Until community resources are taken away from the less artistically sensitive community of run-of-the-mill non-artistes, and given to me to produce shiny baubles and trinkets, this city can just stay uncreative for all I care.

Honey Pot said...

Mike, you're bright enough, and I know if you applied yourself you could get a chunk of that free government grant money.

Mike you could be like Rickie Florida, and scam tons of money out of the taxpayer by pretending you are doing it from the goodness of your heart.

Do you think these professional con artist, like the prophet Suzuki, and Richard Warman, live on love alone?