Friday, February 15, 2008

I mean really. Is there anything you can't accomplish with a fist?

Nothing says "freedom", "peace", "love", and "happiness" like a mob of Homo sapiens sapiens with raised fists and no faces. Through mankind's history, the raised clenched fist has signified the sacred alchemical wish to join with others to make a better world under the sign of the Great Fist, wielded together as one.

From horizon to horizon, and pole to pole, the fist has been an undying symbol of man's greatest dreams and boldest aspirations. Share those dreams with OCAP's John Clarke, speaking on "Our Right To The City" at the Central Library, 7 PM on Friday, February 22.

You know, if the Conservative Party or the Freedom Party were to use such imagery, some people might suspect a little tinge of fascism in there somewhere.

P.S. Fenris, the people need you.

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Honey Pot said...

Holy left-wing nutjobs! It is one big event for sure. Every terrorist loving fascist from here to St. Thomas are involved in this debacle of dementia.

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