Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dependable Solutions

Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman has a diaper on his desk and he's prepared to use it. It's not clear which orifice will be used in a test.

George Smitherman sent eyebrows skyward when he made the straight-faced suggestion in response to critics who say the standard of care in Ontario nursing homes is so bad, residents are being left to wallow in soiled diapers for hours on end.

Products to help adults deal with incontinence have undergone an "evolution'' in recent years and have become more absorbent, making them an invaluable tool in improving the quality of life for elderly people, Smitherman said.

He said complaints that seniors are wearing soiled diapers for extended periods of time have prompted him to "seriously consider'' trying out one of the adult diapers that are commonly used in Ontario nursing homes.

[..] "I said, `How does a guy like me really actually figure out what's right about all this?''' he said. "Is a product that offers greater absorption capability an appropriate product or is that a front for some diminishment of care?''
Either way, pooping a diaper isn't going to answer that question, but maybe he has an ulterior motive that is best left unconsidered. One could only wish vampires like Smitherman would permanently retire to a nursing home, starting tomorrow.

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Jake said...

Slitherman should put the diaper over his mouth instead since that's where most of his shit spews out.