Sunday, February 17, 2008

Consulting Your Collective Fate

The slippery slope of official intolerance is about to get even slicker in the UK. Smokers in England might soon be forced to obtain a license from the government should they wish to legally purchase highly taxed tobacco products they are only allowed to enjoy in designated locations.
Professor Le Grand, a former adviser to ex-PM Tony Blair, said cash raised by the proposed scheme would go to the NHS.

He said it was the inconvenience of getting a permit - as much as the cost - that would deter people from persisting with the smoking habit.

"You've got to get a form, a complex form - the government's good at complex forms; you have got to get a photograph.
Smoker or not, the wages of the collective are weekly garnished to employ bureaucratic pen keepers to come up with social cleansing legislation to ensure the public health care system continues to be 'cost effective'. No matter if you are fat or otherwise diseased, a cost benefit analysis of the situation is sure to inflate the egos of the socially selfish amongst us.

cp: The Broom