Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bullying the anti-social

Even if you aren't a smoker or a fatty, if you value your right to treat your body as your own, this tale of social activism and public interest is sure to send chills down your spine. Surreality Times focuses on John Banzhaf, a public interest lawyer who spends his time minding other people's business. When he is not teaching his law students how to become "Legal Activists", Banzhaf is busy making money alongside pharmaceutical companies who can't sell their products fast enough.

High taxes on cigarettes, public smoking bans, graphic anti-tobacco ads and the like have not resulted in a smoke free world. Now, the doctors must be forced to join the crusade unless they are keen on fighting charges they are killing the population by failing to warn and subsequently prescribe treatment to suspected and admitted transgressors alike.

"The US Public Health Service's Clinical Practice Guideline for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence provide that 'every patient who uses tobacco should be offered at least one of [two] treatments.' Many major guidelines by other respected medical bodies - e.g., the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, etc. - also require that smoking patients receive not just warnings but also treatment, including counseling."

In Banzhaf's letter to the health commissions, he threatens that if any physicians dare to excercise their professional autonomy i.e., "the freedom to exercise their professional judgement in the care and treatment of their patients" by not "following the guidelines" with all their patients who smoke, or by refusing to act as a marketing shills for pharmaceutical smoking-cessation products, he or his associates will sue those physicians into kingdom-come:

Banzhaf's letter warned that: "Since many in the antismoking community (including hundreds of organizations, many with their own attorneys), as well as lawyers associated with antismoking groups and others in private practice, are now considering how to proceed with the article's litigation suggestion, the need to remind doctors of their responsibilities and of their potential legal liability is paramount..." and " should not be surprising if antismoking lawyers, as well as those in private practice working on contingency fees, find physicians who deliberately flout federal guidelines to be a major target of litigation."
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NIAC said...

Is he being facetious, or has he actually come off the green trolley?

MapMaster said...

Knowing it could never happen, he's just over-reaching for effect, but I've no doubt that it's also an earnest wish of his. I don't think the man has a humorous bone left in his body.

Honey Pot said...

Mapmaster, that isn't me, that is Barry trying to do something real sneaky. The first two post are Barry's. He is playing a game.

I wouls appreciate it if you deleted them.

NIAC said...

Hmm...then he who hath not polluted cast the first stone?

Getting publicly "out there" (albeit his "out there" seems to be more than one connotation, now) costs a lot of carbon, or whatever they use to justify themselves, since the bible and money have had their run.

OH, and Lisa, that OP, talking about forcing the medical front-lines to sell for the pharmaceutical companies, is one of the biggest problems with the US of A and its lassez-faire with health-care costs. Legal liability for practicing medicine off the company platform? Ridiculous. ;)

Honey Pot said...

Holly is the name he uses when he dresses in drag. His real name is Barry Wells, he has a site called alt london. Boring as hell, but to each their own

NIAC said...

You know...for a short time...I didn't think that he could get more stupid.

I stand by my previous comment about him.

Anonymous said...

He can get real stupid, in a rage even. I thought he got over his obession for me. Looks like he hasn't. I even considered filing a police complaint, just in case.

I thought he would just go away, I guess I thought wrong.

NIAC said...

Someone THIS self-absorbed, just go away?

Not likely.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

seems bloggers aren't the only ones to get threatened.