Friday, February 1, 2008

Brother, Can You Spare A Carbon Credit? (MP3)


Here's a brand new song from Hippy Sympathizer:
We walked out in the winter for a trophy from Al Gore
Everybody's eating local so the globe won't warm no more
I'm budgeting my credits so my footprint's really small
Past the soldiers and the limos that are parked outside the hall

I'm living so green, I'm walking in the light!
Cold January evening when I saw a tragic sight:
A homeless man was standing in the snow and freezing rain
And nobody was stopping when they heard his sad refrain:

"Brother, can you spare a carbon credit?
"I'm freezing in the cold and my quota's running low
"Brother, can you spare a carbon credit?
"They won't warm me in the shelter, got a tag around my toe..."
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son of gaia said...

Allow me to repeat:

I think I like you people. A lot.

Don't suppose you'd be interested in moving out here enmasse and helping to clean our mess up - would ya?

Roy in Edmonton
Surreality Times

MapMaster said...

Good heavens, we haven't even cleaned up the mess here, and it's probably 20 degrees warmer here besides. Now if there's a mess to clean up in Hawaii, say…

Honey Pot said...

Eng, I know we have locked horns at times, but could you put a good word in for me before the Suzuki brown shirts come hunting for me.

...the glowtards are batting a 1000 with Lizzie-May and Suzuki as their prophets.