Monday, December 10, 2007

You got a permit for that sandwich kid?

The parents of six children who suffer from severe allergies have filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission because the Woodbridge school their children attend has stopped the practice of checking lunches for contraband foods.

The families say failing to screen lunches for eggs, peanuts and other allergens to which their children suffer severe reactions is a form of discrimination.

[..] The students who suffer from the severe allergies say they no longer feel safe.

"At school, I'm afraid because I don't really know some of the food with eggs and milk look like, and most of the time the kids won't spot it because if it's like a candy or something, they'll just eat it," 11-year-old Alex told CTV News.

[..] Official Chris Cable told the Toronto Star that St. Stephen has a "vigilant" approach to accommodating the children, and sends a letter to all families asking them not to send food that contains nut products or eggs in "pure form," and suggests a list of allergy-safe snacks.

Cable told the newspaper that while the Ontario Human Rights Code requires schools to accommodate children with disabilities, "it makes no mention of daily inspections of children's lunches by school staff .... nor does Human Rights require parents to send in notes with each lunch and snack to describe the ingredients."
Even if those in charge of lunchbox inspections have a culinary degree, it's unlikely their judgment is going to be much more accurate than a child's. Apart from obvious instances of violation - such as a bag of peanuts or a hard boiled egg - it's often not clear if something contains nuts or "unpure" levels of egg. Lunch bag inspections are also not going to prevent some kid from smuggling in a bag of peanuts in his pocket. Are full body inspections next? Perhaps transfats should be added to the list of contraband substances because transfats, and not the actions of "the victim" choosing to consume potentially harmful foods, cause childhood obesity.
McGuinty's government will introduce legislation today that will outlaw trans fats from all school menus for kids from junior kindergarten up to Grade 12.

"We understand that parents have the first responsibility when it comes to raising healthy children, but I think parents in Ontario are entitled to know that they've got a partner in our government," the premier told reporters at Bayview Middle School.
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Elaine said...

If you had a kid who was deathly allergy to said stuff, you wouldn't be much of a parent sending them out to a public school.

Demanding the whole school body change their diet, is beyond insane.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

You are right elaine, my kids school does that because of 1 parent. Parent council fought it but 1 parent and a socialist principal make a majority.

Luckily I can give them peanut butter for breakfast and not make them wash their hands.

What about my childs right to a peanut butter sandwich? Why have a useless charter of rights anyway.

Trudeau said the state needed to get out of the bedroom maybe it needs to get out of the lunch box too.

Anonymous said...

We're running out of things to eat.

NIAC said...

"Luckily I can give them peanut butter for breakfast and not make them wash their hands."

That is why I subscribe to the mantra of "control is an illusion". Say you do send a child "full of peanut butter" to school, but they have a stomach ailment...and vomit. Whose responsibility was that? The Health Unit? The School Board? The parent?

It is very grand of whomever to make the gesture, but like pretty much every other PC thing in life, it just isn't practical. Every time you bend over (assumingly backwards) for one person/group, there is another one crying foul because it damages their sensiblities to see you bent over like that.

Elaine said...

If your child had a deadly allergy to a certain food, you'd be an unfit parent to be sending them to school.

You would have to be brain dead, to think that there are 200 or 300children in a school and you could actually control their every bite.

The kids want the goobly goob treats to take to school. There is not a parent out there that hasn't bribed their kid to go to school with a goobly goob treat. Who knows what the hell is them.

I have four boys, grown now, but I had a locked room full of goobly goob treats. The exercise was to get them to hell out of the house in the mornings, with as little destruction as possible.

I would just hold up a goobly goob treat, and state if you don't stop kicking the shit out of each other, you don't get a goobly goob treat to take to school.

I just go with what works.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I'm about as far left as they come, but I think this is straight stupid. If the kids are so fragile that simply being AROUND a peanut is going to make them die, maybe the traditional public school system isn't the right place for them. I mean, what the hell are they going to do when they get out in the real world? Request that EVERYBODY refrain from eating peanuts or peanutbutter? They're going to have a good time when they grow up, get a job, and discover their boss loves to munch on peanuts all day.

I've seen a few schools where they simply have the kids with allergies sit at an 'allergy free' table, in which all the special diet kids sit at a table that's santized before and after they eat. Also, these schools have a strict 'no trading' policy with their lunches.

Man...I can't believe I agree with the fine folks at "The London Fog" about something...

Elaine said...

Can you imagine anyone being such a control freak they would take something like this to a human rights commission?

Can you even believe there is a human rights commission, that would hear a case as stupid as this?

Can you believe there are schools out there stupid enough to sign on to this?

It is time the Ontario human rights commission was dismantled. It is a joke, and used by control freaks to squelch our freedoms. It is making people with lower intelligence, even dumber.

Butch (The Beast) McLarty said...

No-Brain Elaine has just identified why so many young people for the past 25 or so years have increasingly become a discipline problem and today's youth regularly carry weapons and commit so many airheaded crimes.

No-Brain Elaine felt she had to bribe her children to go to school.

Great lesson to teach young people. Here's a candy, now go to school. Everytime they don't want to go to school, they get showered with candies.

If any of my brothers or sisters had tried that for a millisecond, we would have been told to go to school NOW or get a backhander. No fucking around and it worked.

Wimp parents have resulted in spoiled rotten youth with no respect for anyone's else's rights.

Yet No-Brain Elaine is forever taling about the wimpy socialists.

The truth is that she's the biggest wimp in the land, encouraging youth to live life with an unearned sense of entitlement.

How's that for putting that spaced-out broomstick jockey in her place?

eng said...

Advantage: butch

I never got whupped for not going to school, but of course I would have to stay in bed all day. And being sick, I wouldn't need to be watching tv or playing. So I faked being sick maybe 5 times in 13 years.

Elaine said...

Butch, for someone with no kids, and their life history sob story documented on their website, you best be keeping your opinion about raising youngins' to yourself.

Ww said...

Insane. How is the kid ever going to survive when he gets past the school system? Parents should be teaching their allergic kids habits to protect themselves and the sooner the better. School is a good place to start.

Elaine said...

The children are a product of the state, we gave, or the government took over raising them. They can't think for themselves, so taking responsiblity for anything is out of the question.

Can't the parent say to the kid, "if you eat that, you are going to die." It is a hard fact of life, but it is a fact.

Lisa said...

Butch (The Beast) mclarty says:

Wimp parents have resulted in spoiled rotten youth with no respect for anyone's else's rights.

That's what the human rights commission is for. There is a need to correct the rights imbalance that currently exists in our racist society. You don't seriously expect people to look after themselves do you? Society is to blame and they shall have their day in front of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Peace, love and Merry Christmas.

shadowminx said...

I too am perplexed at the lengths schools go to with regard to lunches and snacks. My kids are not allowed to take peanut butter to school. UMMM money being as tight as it is, I'm lucky there is a lunchtime staple I can AFFORD, and PB is perfect for that,and now I'm told I can't use it? ahem....what is wrong with this picture. When a kid shows up allergic to salami will lunchmeat be banned?

If I had a child with severe food allergies I'd get right to the point.....You eat anything but your OWN COULD DIE. Point blank to the point. It might be alarmist but if you don't give you kids the facts, they could blunder right into it. What about kids who like beans or peas? They can't take them either then because they are related food allergens.

Nuff said, since maybe 1/10 kids "might" be allergic to peanuts why can't they isloate those 1/10 and give them either their own lunchroom or as the one person said....their own well montiored table? Why should other kids suffer because of the few?

NIAC said...

I know this will sound awfully condescending, but it isn't meant is meant to show you that yes, sometimes the simple answer is really the right one...sorry...the CORRECT one.

"When a kid shows up allergic to salami will lunchmeat be banned?"


"What about kids who like beans or peas?"


"their own well montiored table?"

Can't...that would be the "segregation" type of special treatment, rather than the "in-your-face" type of special treatment.

It should be noted that I worked with a woman in a building of about 150 people...with a lunch room of a reasonable size that would at least seat 100. If anyone ate tuna, or especially if something made with fish or shellfish was heated in the microwave, she would often need an epi-pen and sometimes even then needed a hospital visit. She didn't have to be in the lunch room to be affected.

I do not have food allergies myself...and although I have been bitten/stung by many things (dogs, cats, snakes, cows, pigs, bees, wasps...Butch) the only thing that actually has any affect on me is spiders. I have been close to death 2 times, and ridiculously cartoonish edema a few times...but I have never seen a government institution get rid of bees, spiders...pigs.

mclarty said...

As usual No-Brain Elaine can't even hit the fucking dartboard, let alone the cork behind the board.

She posted above that I have no children. Where does she dream up that shit?

I have several children, one who graduated last year from university with a master's degree in environmental sciences and urban planning. Stands 6' 3".

People that assume things without having a clue about them have ZERO CREDIBILITY.

Keep reading alt-london, No Brain, you might learn something -- as in one ear and straight out the fucking other because there's nothing in-between to stop it.

Elaine said...

Butch, take your fly swatter back to your site. I don't want to have to hit you with this sledge hammer again.

mclarty said...

Hey No-Brain, bribe me with a few gooey candies and I might tell you to bite my bo-dangie.

Elaine said...

Word has it, that you don't have enough to fill a bird's belly, so no thanks.

mclarty said...

Bird's belly? That must be a squid-jiggin' term from Bluenose country. Ever seen a Condor? Howzabout a one-eyed Cobra that can spit 30 feet?

Word has it No-Brain Elaine is a three-bagger in the sack.

No one will go near her without three bags over her head, just in case two rip.

eng said...


Elaine said...

You would never be so lucky.

I don't have to stoop to your catergory, the viagra crowd.

I prefer the real thing to that fake viagra you and the ed crowd have to go with.

You old guys, and viagra... well it just doens't cut it. It is like going to disney land, they take the pill, you wait for hours in line for a five minute ride.

In your dreams Butch, and only in your dreams.

eng said...

Advantage: elaine

eng (in low announcer voice): after the "you have no kids" lob was smashed back with "I have several", elaine assumes butch must be old enough that "old" insults will work, and goes with the viagra gambit.

basil said...

Eat my nuts.

butchie-69 said...

Viagra, eh? Never touched the stuff, never will.

I'm already pole vaulting around with the package all day long. Plus I have access to unlimited quantities of Spanish Fly via my veternarian.

I'd let you have some but you'd rip my clothes off and demand it then and there in the middle of the road.

I don't need any tread marks up and down my back.

Besides, a few months back, you told me you were a switch-hitter from the isle of Lesbos.

eng said...

Hugh Hefner says Viagra is the best legal recreational drug. He says it even revs up young people, male or female.

What a coincidence! I just got an email telling me that I can't get it up anymore and I need V1agr@. I can get a whole bunch right now from some nice people who can't spell really well.

Lisa said...

People - stay on topic. I have no interest in the alleged anatomy of the commenters here.

Elaine said...

sorry Lisa, I forgot that you were vegetarian.

shadowminx said...

tmi tmi tmi tmi