Friday, December 7, 2007

We sure know how to pick 'em in London

If London-Fanshawe NDP MP Irene Mathyssen isn't representative of quite all the politicians actually elected in London, she is unfortunately representative of the kind of shrill panderer that the progressive political machines in town mobilize to elect. Sorry, Canada…

New Democrat MP Irene Mathyssen has offered up a formal apology to Conservative MP James Moore after she accused him earlier this week of looking at pictures of "scantily clad women" on his laptop.

[…] She said she offered the apology "without qualification" and went on to apologize to Moore's family and all members of the House.

However, CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife cited a report in Friday's online version of the London Free Press, in which Mathyssen vowed to stand by her claims.

The MP told the paper she would only apologize for failing to speak to Moore before raising the issue in the House, not for making the accusation.
Canadians are too accustomed to the duplicity of their politicians to make this episode of two-faces anything other than a minor scandal in a long and weary list of minor scandals. But what emotional ordeal could have overcome the ordinary political restraint of an MP inured by vocation to the goings-on at gay pride parades? Apart from the rigours of preparing to milk her one day of perpetrating stereotypes of gender hysteria for all that you're worth, that is…
Mathyssen said her complaint about Moore came on a day in the House when the governing Tories "were talking about all the wonderful things they have done for women." She said the government has closed regional offices that help women and curtailed funding programs heavily used by women.

"There is this pervasive attitude that women don't matter with the Conservative government," Mathyssen said. "They have made that painfully clear. It concerns me very much that that attitude is prevalent and it is underscored when we demean women by showing off inappropriate photographs."
To borrow the sentiments of my finest female acquaintances, is this what we really need more female politicians for? To promote hysteria over reason and caution as principles of debate? Or to elevate targeted make-work social science research programs to standards of human goodness above pause? Shouldn't we first commission research into the effectiveness of research programs for women?

It may seem mean to pick on Mathyssen, but I reckon she had it coming to her. I wouldn't ordinarily stoop to evoking rude language toward women, but this is the perverted and unintended consequence of extreme political correctness — that the era of taking gratuitous offense is now finally giving way, fact after conclusion, to the era of giving gratuitous offense.


Elaine said...

Your statement it may seem mean to pick on Mathyssen, shows how women like Irene have nothing to offer in the political arena.

Pick on her? If she were a man and pulled that stunt, she would have been drawn and quartered on the floor of the house. We all know nice women, well-behaved women, don't have pictures of men in bathing suits on their computers.

If a woman had a picture of a man in a bathing suit on her computer and a male was offended, he would be laughed out of the house of commons, and called an evil perverted bastard for even considering that a female was doing something improper.

It won't be the men who make sure Irene's political career is over, it will be the women, whom Irene has made into idiot caricatures with her hysterical vicious attack against Moore.

mariposa said...

I think the NDP need to change their name - the "D" for "Democratic" has to go - too much of an oxymoron there.

How about the National Losers' Party (NLP) or the National Anti-Freedom Party (NAP).

Chimera said...

"It won't be the men who make sure Irene's political career is over, it will be the women, whom Irene has made into idiot caricatures with her hysterical vicious attack against Moore."

I absolutely, one hundred percent agree. And so do all the women in my life!

And it can't happen soon enough for us.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

She needs to be sent to a human rights commission "I'm offended", send me the money.

Oh wait I'm a white, male, Christian, Canadian laws don't care if I get offended.

Something about section 15.2 in the Charter.

NIAC said...

Funny how that same venue was used to debate gay marriage.

1. Don't allow gay marriages, it somehow, by some mystic, cryptic unknown force, affects straight marriages.

2. Don't look at girls, either.

I am glad I live in Canada.