Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"We are national leaders"

Eighteen years later, the 1989 Montreal Polytechnique massacre is still the gift that keeps on reducing crimes and tragedies to a shrill political insignificance. And never one to let any opportunity to let an insignificance pass by unshrilled, London-Fanshawe NDP MP Irene Mathyssen shrills forth again (video). It's no wonder the NDP tolerates the Taliban — they've demonstrated the solution to these sorts of problems.

Update: "Ms. Mathyssen has accepted the explanation and offered her apology to Mr. Moore," [NDP spokesman Ian] Capstick said. "Ms. Mathyssen will be making a formal statement in the House of Commons at her earliest opportunity."


Jake said...

Irene is just lucky she made the accusations in the House of Commons where she is immune from civil repercussions. She could have be sued up to her eyeballs if she made them outside of the House.

This just proves once again how Irene Mathyssen is just someone who like the sound of her own voice and will say anything for attention. I think she is an embarrassment to London.

Bottom line is that she needs to be defeated in the next election whether she is replaced by a Conservative or even a Liberal.

Elaine said...

That was big of Irene, a small woman, to a accept the explanation.

Pretty sterotypical vicious attack by Irene against males.

It is akin to a women who cries rape when a man rejects her advances. It hurts all females and puts all women in disrepute.

Her lie has made world news, the ndp must be very proud of her.

Elaine said...

The ndp is on a roll. They have appointed Libby as their lying towel.

NDP House leader Libby Davies formally apologized today on behalf of her party for spreading allegations that a Liberal candidate in the last federal election tried to bribe his NDP rival to drop out of the race.

"The New Democratic Party admits we seriously erred in making the allegations public and in putting a young and inexperienced candidate in a position where he felt justified in making those allegations and to repeat them on some 40 occasions to media across Canada," Davies told the Commons.-toronto star

Irene, wasn't there today, she is back here in London. You want to catch up with her she will probably be at one of the Gamil Gharbi martyr thingmajigs.

Elaine said...

hahahahaha, at least Irene had enough sense to look around the room, and pick up on the social cue, as to what an evil silly bitch she is. That, or she realized Moore can sue her pants off for her labelling him a rutting pig.

The liberals have their Heddy Fry, and the ndp now have their Irene. Both just token joke females in their parties.

If Irene does decide to leave politics, there will always be a job for her in Iran, as one of the dress code police officers.

Anonymous said...

Irene won't have to decide whether she is gunna leave politics--she only won her seat by 900 or so votes. She only won because a lot of Liberal voters stayed home in 2006. Next time around they are gunna make sure she is toast.

No gold plated pension for her after one term in office so she'll have to get a job.

BBS said...

Jake, she did repeat the comments outside the House, to reporters. What she said to reporters was actually worse than what she said in the House.

Unfortunately, she didn't show up today to apologize.

Elaine said...

This would be a real good time for Irene to start wearing her burka.

She is suppose to be making an appearance on Monday.

I bet Irene is laying in bed hoping a suicide bomber takes the house out so she won't have to apologize.

I can just see the house of commons now when they see her coming. Shut your laptops, an Irene at 6 o'clock!

Irene will blubber on and make herself out to be the victim. She is a woman afterall, it is expected.

"I'm real sorry, but I am just an hysterical women, and I am going through menopause. I was thinking about that Gamil Gharbi and him killing all those women in Montreal, and I just wanted to reach out and rip a man's throat out.....sniffle, sniffle.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

I can just see the house of commons now when they see her coming. Shut your laptops, an Irene at 6 o'clock!


She needs sensitivity training, she would never have done that if a homosexual was looking at hardcore porn.

But pick on the hetrosexuals, is Warmans feelings hurt someone needs to sue her.

Elaine said...

Marginalized, the ndp have a habit of scraping the bottom of the barrel for female candidates to run, but I bet even taliban Jack is thinking up away to get rid of her.

Think about it, if Irene went this far to try and destroy a man's reputation, for her political ambtions, she is capable of anything. No woman with an ounce of dignity or integrity would do something that devious.

The ndp just needed a woman to run, didn't check out if she had all her marbles. Looks good on them, Irene destroying any credibility that party was hoping to get.