Sunday, December 2, 2007

Two-tier justice continues in Caledonia

It's been nearly two years since insurgents occupied a disputed piece of land in Caledonia and there is no resolution in sight:

Ontario's minister of Aboriginal Affairs said First Nations protesters occupying a disputed tract of land in the town of Caledonia, Ont. - 30 kilometres south of Hamilton - will not be forcibly removed by Ontario Provincial Police.

Michael Bryant stressed the need for short- and long-term solutions to the 21-month old dispute as he wrapped up his first trip to Caledonia Monday.

Bryant met with politicians, religious leaders and residents and spoke of the need to move forward and not be "paralyzed" while negotiations continue.

[..] "Whether people leave the land voluntarily today or involuntarily today, what do we do then tomorrow?" Bryant said after his final meeting.

" We have to find a long-term solution. This talk about removing people is just a blind alley. It is taking us nowhere."
Whenever a politician talks about "moving forward" we can safely assume that he has no idea what he is talking about except he believes more money and committees are needed. Presumably the natives are continuing to enjoy free utilities in addition to the money they are pulling in from cigarette sales:
A protest over a disputed "smoke shack" at the end of Caledonia's main street turned violent yesterday, leaving two men injured and forcing Haldimand County OPP to call in reinforcements.

The clash, at the south end of Argyle Street, centred on the shack, where protesters allege natives are selling cigarettes illegally.

A lawyer for one of the injured men, Gary McHale of Richmond Hill, who has organized past protests against the native occupation of a housing development in Caledonia, said his client was badly beaten in a "completely unprovoked attack by a group of natives."
The five or six insurgents who reportedly physically attacked McHale have so far not been charged, though Fantino promises to bring justice to the protesters, though it would seem they did nothing other than gather outside the smoke shack:
OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino vowed in the release that the force, "will seek every legal remedy possible to end this madness and to bring them (protesters) to justice."

"These incidents, where interlopers put their personal agendas over those who are striving for a permanent and lasting resolution will not be tolerated," said Fantino, a former London police chief.
Only the natives who are illegally occupying the sight will be tolerated for putting their own personal agendas above the law.

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Anonymous said...

Illegally occupying your own land? Isn't that kind of impossible? I mean seriously here people lets think about this one. The Natives have proof that they own that land and what because it's inconvenient that this time they won't stay where we put them we're going to verbally and physically attack them? This is a matter that the federal government should deal with, it is not right for these natives to have to continue living in the depths of winter WITHOUT heat and without their families. Why else would they be asking for heaters and blankets if they had heat? You should be ashamed of yourselves if you agree with any of this. Or do you not remember your history? We took this land from them and tried to kill them off and yet you think we should be all up in arms because they'd like a tiny bit of their land back?

Mike said...

The white man stoled my comma key!

Anonymous said...

natives shoulda had stricter immigration policies

basil said...

I've filed legal suits in Copenhagen and Rome just recently. I'm gonna get back the land and jewels those Viking and ancient Roman bastards stole from my ancient Celtic ancestors! If they hadn't stolen my ancestors' lands so long ago, my people would not have had to wander landless, centuries later, to the new world.

eng said...

Two years the insurgents have been there?

I thought it was about 515 years since the insurgents dug themselves in.

The Natives have proof that they own that land

No, they claim so. The proof is disputed.

Mike said...

Bas, don't file suits. That's what the Man wants you to do, and you'll never get the first dime from anybody, or one ounce of respect from the spokespeople of any community.

To get compassionate, nuanced thinkers on side, you need to make compassionate, nuanced, credible death threats against random people. Then, your cause will become romantic and just.

An express and demonstrated willingness to murder people will prove that there must be something to your complaint and that the real victim must be you. Why else would a nice person do such a thing?

Sensitive, intelligent people will just laugh at your suits, but they will to a man furrow their brows and purse their lips in deep thought about the complexity of the issues involved once you return to your community's ancient, complex Celtic tradition of the raiding party. "He has blue paint on!" At that point, the common sense solution of shooting you will be off the table, as far as the fascist pigs are concerned.