Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Council yesterday voted to give $30,000 for the privilege of being asked for $940,000 more over the next two years in order to have people say nice things about London. And that should just about sum up anything that anybody outside London needs to know about our city.

Once we've figured out the going rate for saying nice things about London, of course, we'll revisit our blogging policies. Until then, the City probably figures we owe them money.


Jake said...

More worrisome is that they received the cash without a business plan or any kind of oversight.

If I knew that you could get free handouts from council that easy, I would have quit my job ages ago. Just invent a phony civic cause that makes gullible politicians believe what benefits it will bring and you can live high off the hog.

Lisa said...

Here's your opportunity Jake! Ambassador London is accepting new party members to promote London. You don't even need to quit your job yet. Just claim volunteer status on your taxes for a potential reduction and future win-fall of loot.

Elaine said...

Like everything else this city does to try and promote it, it falls flat on its ass, and cost the taxpayer money.

That shutting out small business plan of theirs will go along way in killing the core.

To have to bribe people to say nice things about the city, is about as comical as it gets.

..on the other hand, if they give me $500,00.00 a year spending money, the downtown would be looking like New York city on Black friday.