Thursday, December 20, 2007

There's Just Something So Huggably Soft About Totalitarianism With An Exotic Accent

The third-world-style "human rights" complaint against Mark Steyn in two of our third-world-style Human Rights Commissions continues. So does the radio silence from the legacy media. Ezra Levant is clear as ever.

I blame... the media. Seriously: I blame them for the soft bigotry of low expectations. If Soharwardy and Elmasry were WASPs, the media would ridicule them for their thin skin, and would attack their views as the reactionary fascism that it is. But because they're foreign-born, dark-skinned Muslims who speak with an accent, the media shut off their natural skepticism and forget all of their ideals about free speech -- and their judgment -- because they want to be gentle.
HT the FFOF.


Elaine said...

It is odd how they consider muslims not equal in the human being scheme of things. It is like they seem to think it is ok to treat them special, like in lacking intelligence, because they are too stupid to comprehend freedom of speech and thought.

It is not that they are stupid, it is just that they have that whacked out fucking belief system enforced by a bunch old men who consume way too much opium.

I myself think it is for their own well being to point out the barbarism of islam. They will stay backward and never progress if they don't shake those shackles.

You can't tell me that having a fatwa out on everyone and their dog in the world wouldn't get boring. Imagine waking up every morning checking in on fatwa central to see who is need of killing that week.

mariposa said...

Speaking of the barbarism of Islam...

Example #1 - Bhutto: Fatal bomb was rigged to baby

Example #2 - Suffer the Little Children…

And the silence of moderate Muslims and imams...

Some comments:
If there is one single thing that will condemn Islam to history's scrapheap, it is how they devour their young. Infants—strapped into their car seats—left to die in the detonation of an Iraqi car bomb. Benazir Bhutto's near miss with death involved an explosives laden baby. No other ideology so cheerfully hurls its infants into the furnace. Islam is a cult of human sacrifice and nothing less.

Elaine said...

The many examples of child abuse by islam are simply ignored by the left in the West.

That Unicef picture, that won picture of the year, made me very angry. A scared looking 11 year old bride, and 40odd year old groom. There is something real sick about a culture that condones child rape.