Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Slice of Statism

The presence of fat people justifies the ends to achieve the means:

Thick bread equals thick waistlines, according to Baroness Gardener of Parkes, who told the Lords of her concern that the width of a standard slice was getting thicker.

It was, she added, contributing to the problem of people becoming overweight and she wants to see a return to "normal" sized slices.

[..] Baroness Gardener said: "I speak as a member of the All-Party Group on Obesity. Why is it that in central London you can hardly find a thinly sliced or medium-sliced load of bread to buy, and any sandwich you buy in any supermarket is now made with thick bread?

"While the House of Lords continues to use medium-sliced bread - and very nice bread - in its sandwiches, even the House of Commons has moved to thick bread.

"Surely at a time when we want to reduce people's consumption, there should be more pressure from the Food Standards Agency, or one of the many departments the Minister speaks about, to take us back to normal-sized bread instead of these super-sized sandwiches."
HT: Mitchieville


Anonymous said...

Baroness Gardener would make a good President of the Thick Earth Society.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

If they are so worried about people losing weight all televisions stations should cease broadcasting immediately.

And make everyone do manditory jogging from 1900 hrs to 1930 hrs!

The nation has no business in decreeing how thick my bread should be.

We need to get the nation back in the bedroom to stop this silliness.

eng said...

Now be nice! Rachel Trixie Anne turned 80 this year.

She was around when they brought in sliced bread in the first place. She remembers the very thin slices that allowed them to use less bread and rip off the People.

She's now just a tool of the greedy bakers, trying to get people off the texas toast.