Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sinkhole City

Image courtesy of London Free Press, December 13, 2007

The downtown sinkhole has finally been filled, but another watermain break has occurred causing another sinkhole, this time at Oxford Road, west of Proudfoot Lane. In other news, representatives from Ambassador London, with the support of London's chief administrative officer Jeff Fielding, are asking for $940,000 over the next two years - sans a concrete business plan - to "sell" London to the world. Last night council gave them $30,000 of your taxpayer dollars. According to Coun. Cheryl Miller, it's okay to beg for money without justification if you are volunteering your time to begin with:
Ferguson and other volunteers have raised more than $100,000. And while they need to develop a focused business plan, council should support them in that, Fielding said.

[..] Coun. Cheryl Miller responded that Ferguson and sponsors of the Ambassador program shouldn't be expected to produce a business plan.

"The organizations that donated don't have time for business plans because they're all volunteers," Miller said.
Properly speaking, volunteers cease to become volunteers when their activities are funded by non-voluntary contributions from taxpayers.

You can't wish away reality and prudent people won't likely move to a city with yearly property tax hikes, increasing debt, crumbling infrastructure, low paying jobs and expensive arenas, unless there is an activist job awaiting them that is.


Forest Chump said...

It's always nice to hear there's something going on at the Convention Centre. Even if it is just Londoners talking about filling the place.

Elaine said...

Every thing this council touches, turns to shit.

Anonymous said...

It's not the same as a sinkhole. Its just another break. We are looking like the hysterical leftie media here. Hello!

mariposa said...

No, Lisa has a point.

Yes, there are always watermain breaks, especially this time of year - that's a given.

But, this city's infrastructure is in a sorry state, and our council would rather spend money on their ambassador program - with no business plan! Without a business plan, where is their direction???

A charity I used to volunteer for (that is funded entirely by private donations) had a business plan. How the hell can you expect to accomplish anything if you have no direction, no goals?

Even the simplest idiot can grasp the need for a business plan. It's ironic - if the ambassador program wanted to get a bank loan, what would they need? A BUSINESS PLAN!

But, no problem, our council will just hand our money over to them! This program has already gone through $120,000 ($20,000 from taxpayers, $100,000 they raised)

How exactly was all that money spent? We don't know because there's no fucking plan in place! And so we're giving them another $30,000.

Cheryl Miller has no goddamn business sense whatsoever. This entire council and Fielding too...as useless as tits on a bull!

Elaine said...

Right on Mariposa.

The reason the ambassador free money program doesn't have a business plan, is because there is no accountabilty attached to it.

Whichever group kisses ass the bestest, or has friends on council will get the money, with no strings attached.

NIAC said...

"to 'sell' London to the world"

How much do they want for it?

I have to disagree with one of the nameless who thinks that "leftist" sensationalism somehow makes that hole in the street less significant. If getting kicked in the groin makes a huge pain in the groin, and makes your eyes water, how is a watery eye taking away from getting kicked in the groin?

For the proles, I am asking how a completely neglected infrastructure is made less neglected because the most recent hole is smaller that the previous one?

liberal supporter said...

The ambassador program will probably backfire. If you were getting paid like that, would you want others to come and maybe compete for your space at the trough? They'll keep their mouths shut! Hmmm, elaine, why don't you push for all "glowtards" to become ambassadors. That would shut them up!

mariposa said...

Actually, Carol Stephenson, dean of the Richard Ivey School of Business, is a volunteer with the Ambassador Program.

Guess she's forgotten how to produce a business plan?

Or maybe she can't be bothered with something so mundane, when it's so easy to get money for nothing from this council.

Elaine said...

liberal, you can't have a glowtard promote anything that would cause a carbon footprint. They wear plugs, made of organic turnips, in their arseholes as not to fart more than once a day.

They don't want people here stomping all over the flora and fauna. They have fourteen cats and a kitten if the word traffic is mentioned.

Glowtards don't make good ambassadors, anti-people, and anti-business.

MapMaster said...

Carol Stephenson, I'm afraid, has been in the civic buzzword club at least since she's been Dean. Check out her speeches… hardly a word about taxes and regulation, but plenty of cheerleading for "creative cities" and "diversity."

It would be embarrassing that she is the dean of a business school, but in fact she has perfectly captured the cringing, dependent operational strategy of professional business these days.

Elaine said...

I just knew this ambassador thinmajig was a crock from the get-go.

They will spend about $10,000.00 on promoting Storybook gardens, and the other $280,000.00 will be going in a couple of do-nothings pockets.

Everytime they drag out slippery the seal I just cringe. Why the hell would you be bragging about a seal that packed its bags and tried to escape London?

Elaine said...

Holly, it is ok. I can understand you feeling used and abused by those ambASSador recruiters.

Did you have visions of coin in your pocket...perhaps money to pay for that little operation that Ohip won't cover any longer.

I guess now you will have to just seek out a backstreet alley snipper, with some dirty tweezers, and fingernail clippers to bob your tail.

Lisa said...

Hey Nipsey;

This post isn't about Elaine. Take your sock-puppetry back to your own pathetic site.

Anonymous said...

I work with these guys thar are down the holes you see and breaks are fact of life. We will always have them so lets not go global warming "the sky is falling' for crips sake. Shit happens.

Lisa said...

Yeah, shit happens, especially when the city spends taxpayer dollars on bread and circuses instead of essentials, like infrastructure upgrades for example.

Unlike global warming, which is far from settled science, it is a fact that London's infrastructure is old and of need of replacing. Watermains don't last forever, unless of course, they are blessed by Al Gore.

Elaine said...

I read something in the London free press, last week, or the week before, about a glowtard scientist from UWO stating that London is in big trouble because of global warming.

Apparently, according to this glowtard scientist, when the floods come, our sewer pipes aren't going to be able to handle it.

Council of course were all in a twither and were going to get right on it.

It had nothing to do with the negliect of city council for letting them rot for the last two decades, when they knew they needed to be fixed.

Just goes to show you that a glowtard can get them to fix something way quicker than taxpaying sane people.

Anonymous said...

Chill out Lisa. You sound like a global warmer yourself. The pipes wear out. So do bridges and roads and sidewalks and hydro poles and in some cases; optimism and perspective.
On going stuff like this is not a crisis. Be happy. Don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Chill out Lisa. You sound like a global warmer yourself. The pipes wear out. So do bridges and roads and sidewalks and hydro poles and in some cases; optimism and perspective.
On going stuff like this is not a crisis. Be happy. Don't worry.

Richard said...

How about a $100,000 study to see how the $100,000 study is working?
Why not????

Lisa said...

I'm chillin' as I await global warming to come to London.

Infrastructure might fail, but like I pointed out in a comment above, such essential foundations do need replacing from time to time. Am I supposed to be happy that council here prefer to spend taxpayers dollars on entertainment and marketing instead of essentials? The don't worry, be happy attitude that rules this city is very much to blame for increased taxes and crumbling roads.

Optimism vs. perspective. Indeed.

Elaine said...

Talking about perspective....if I were in a union, and had one these idiots as my spokesperson, I would be calling for an election right away.


Layoffs stalk factory jobs-lfp

Gems from people who insist on punishing business for providing well paying jobs. Imbeciles doing everything in their power to ensure business fold up and leave.
Liberal finance critic John McCallum said corporate tax cuts are one of the best strategies to attract investment and help manufacturers battered by the high Canadian dollar and the slumping market in the United States.

"Sweden, Denmark and Norway have used this strategy successfully and these are not right-wing countries," said McCallum at the meeting hosted by Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Local 27.

Local 27 chairperson Tim Carrie disagreed with McCallum, saying companies often roll corporate tax cuts into profits and do not reinvest in plants.

Richard Laverty, CAW chairperson for the Sterling Truck plant in St. Thomas, said broad corporate tax cuts would just enrich resource companies.

"We shouldn't be protecting the oil companies. They are making money hand over fist. Manufacturing is bleeding jobs all over the country."


Only a true imbecile, such as a union spokesperson, could not comprehend that business is in the business of making a profit.

NIAC said...

Can you make it so that "Anonymous" comes out as "Asshat", so that readers know that the point being made is not really germaine to any one conversation?

Other than the fearmongering, and complete lunacy, with some mention of "flood waters" and "sewer" (which, by definition, FLOOD means the SEWER can't handle the water), how did city misspending on infrastructure become "chill, Lisa, you 'global warmer'"?

I'm just wondering, 'cause I missed that day in school, where (yet another, today) [sink]hole on Dundas due to water pouring into a vault was as a result of climate?

Just asking...is all.

Elaine said...


Another watermain break in downtown London-lfp

Not a bad one they say.

Why do I get this feeling the whole downtown is going to sink?

Richard said...

Apparently Elaine, downtown London is actually upon an old riverbed. You have the silty soil that goes along with an old riverbed. Silty soil is not the most stable of soils. So it may very well sink!

Anonymous said...

Everybody is an engineer now. Everybody is a scientist too. Gees!
We have about 175 main breaks every year here in London and no matter how much money we put into this sort of thing it will still happen. A fact of life so will you all stop bitching like global warmers please?

Elaine said...

No, I am not an engineer, nor a scientist. I am a witch from way back. An oracle actually, not to be confused with a goracle.

A goracle to an oracle, is sort of like being an anglican to a catholic. An anglican is a second hand catholic. They know all the words, but can't cast the spells.

My visions come to me in dreams, and 50% of the time I am right. Not like a goracle who tries to will it to happen, for a profit.

NIAC said...

Everybody is an engineer now. Everybody is a scientist too. Gees!

We have about 175 main breaks every year here in London and no matter how much money we put into this sort of thing it will still happen. A fact of life so will you all stop bitching like global warmers please?

I don't normally respond to anonymous posts, simply because there isn't really anyone behind what is being said, however, in this case, I have to point out that 1000 water-main breaks in London ever year does not explain:

1. Why sewers are collapsing, even though every London resident or commercial servicee is paying to have them replaced, and yet, it isn't being done. At least, it is not being done in time.

2. Why no reporting on the matching 1000 sink-holes around the city. Obviously "anonymous" makes a point that water-main breaks are synonymous with sink-holes. Please give at least one link that shows that 175 sink-holes are showing up every year.

3. Why we should accept "Everyone else is doing it" as it was not an excuse I ever accepted from any of my children...so I cannot accept it from the PTB's, either. If Anne-Marie was on the TV, radio and in print saying, "London is average. Nothing special. We are just like everyone else", it would be somewhat expected. "London is awesome. Better than most places, since we are better than the worst. We are better than everyone else", well, maybe the Gateway, the Convention Centre, the proposed PAC should [have] all wait until the city puts its money where A-M's mouth is.