Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shove It, CIC


The nation's "right wingers" have been complaining about the HRC's creeping censorship for years, but the media/academic elite (like, well, Coyne) are suddenly waking up now that -- yikes! -- Macleans is in its crosshairs.

Thanks for coming out. Better late than never, I guess.
How was it that, years ago. I as a naive, dumb teenager (admittedly, one raised on Orwell and C.S. Lewis) could see immediately what Human Rights Commissions were, but the genius lawyers who designed them are surprised to see their tool used for intimidation and censorship by religious and secular partisans unfamiliar with the insulting give and take of a free society? Could none of our nuanced, deep-thinking pundits really find their powers of concentration for the five seconds it takes to see why it's a bad idea to establish boards that throw out rules of evidence and give prizes to whoever can cry the hardest about being an oppressed victim with hurt feelings?

I can't believe I'm going to subscribe to Macleans. Maybe I'll get it delivered to London lawyer Faisal Joseph's office. He has taken on the disreputable task of representing the Canadian Islamic Congress before Der Kommission.


Anonymous said...

The answer to your quandry is self evident...becaue the people who construct, run, promote and become apologist sycophants for civil abominations like the CRHC are by and large utopians.

Utopian are smug eltes who want to sculpt society according to some dream...they want to make realities conform to this dream ans when the dream and realities diverge they fill in the gap with propaganda.

Utopians are a damger to free societies which are built on the sanctity of the individual as the core element of government and rule of law...Utopians despise being scrutinized and accountable to the soiled unenlightened they construct control systems to nulify their accountability and to destroy ideological enemies.

The CRTC system and its lobbies and camp followers is such a utopian control system.

As someone weaned on Orwell and Lewis I would think this would be apparent ;-)

BTW Love the blog

Elaine said...

Mark Steyn is the radio

3pm-6pm PST (6pm-9pm EST).

Mike said...

Thanks, elaine!

For those unable to listen in as the mighty Mark Steyn guest-hosts Hugh Hewitt's show for the full three hours, the podcasts for a day's show are usually available by midnight here.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

They need to be shut down. or White Male Christians need to be more sensitive.

And sue everyone elses ass off. Oh wait you would never win because the system doesn't work that way.

I'm reading Orwell now 1984,

You read and go yup we do that, we do that, no we don't do that but ....

Too many similarities. Way too many.

Our free speech is probably as curtailed as china's. At least they will not shoot you here.

Anonymous said...

"I can't believe I'm going to subscribe to Macleans."

If, 30 years ago, Pravda ran one (1) editorial favouring deregulation in some sector or another, would you have rushed out to get a subscription?

The rest of the magazine is so incredibly bad and so dedicated to raising your taxes and restricting your freedoms that I am compelled to say give your fucking head a shake.

If Maclean's spent the next 20 years apologizing for their conduct over the decades I'd still throw them against the wall first when the revolution goes down.

rabbit said...

I have long thought that HRC's were an egregious violation of people's freedom of speech and conscience.

When Bishop Henry in Calgary was brought up in front of a tribunal for speaking out against homosexuality, red flags should have gone up all across Canada. Not because everyone agreed with his views, but because we lived in a society where a Catholic bishop no longer has the right to speak his mind and practise his religion without having to answer to a tribunal.

Mike said...

In light of your comment, Anonymous @ 4:12 PM, I now feel even better about subscribing. Nice job.

mariposa said...

Mike got a mention and a link at Steynposts.

It looks like the OFL is throwing union support behind the CIC. Why the hell are there unions anyway?

Our free speech is probably as curtailed as china's. At least they will not shoot you here.
No, they don't shoot you - just sick the HRC dogs on you.

mariposa said...

Jim Henley calls Steyn a racist here.
And Steyn shows him to be the fool that he is. Funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

mariposa said...

This is the religion of peace as the lefty multicults like to call it.

"A study this year found that 36 per cent of British Muslims between 16 and 24 believe those who convert to another religion should be punished by death."

That's a lot of fanatics. I wonder how many more think 40 or 50 lashes would be acceptable punishment.

Elaine said...

The religion of peace eh?

Police: Canadian father admits hijab killing
He and daughter allegedly argued over wearing Muslim head scarf-reuters

This would be a good time for Canadian muslim women who have not had the backbone beat out of them, to burn their hijabs.

If I see the leftist feminist try to whitewash this, so help me, I will start a female movement that will have the weak useless witches cowering under their beds.