Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Policing Caledonia the OPP way

Mark Vandermaas provides a first hand account of the latest protest in Caledonia at Voice of Canada. Highlights of the event include, but are not limited to, the following:

6. Natives were driving the wrong way on the east shoulder of the road to get around residents. I stepped in front of one of the cars. The driver slowly moved up hitting my flagpole. Then he falsely claimed that I had intentionally done damage to his car. Police took me away to file an ‘accident report,’ but I don’t know if the driver was detained.

7. A native woman falsely accused Gary of assaulting her before pushing him. A native man then attacked Gary from behind, hitting him in the head as he was trying walk away. Witnesses and video confirm her attempt to fabricate an assault charge. This was the first of two attacks on Gary.

8. Approx 20 mins or so later, Clyde Powless confronted Gary with the clear intention of attacking him. The officers asked if Gary wanted to leave, which he agreed to do. They told him to keep walking no matter what happened. The natives assaulted the officers while trying to get at Gary. In one video, you can clearly see a woman grabbing Gary’s arm while Clyde Powless cowardly attacks Gary from behind trying to jump on his back with a hand around Gary’s neck. Caledonia resident Doug Fleming, however, tackled Powless to the ground. Another native punched Gary in the face causing his glasses to come off. Gary fell to the ground and was stomped and kicked by natives who bruised his ribs, and hurt his foot so badly that the top of his running shoe was soaked with blood.

9. Our associate Jeff Parkinson was filming the attack on Gary when he was thrown to the ground by an OPP officer where he hit his head and was knocked unconscious for about 20 minutes. A witness said not one officer came over to check on him, that he was forced to call an officer over and request a blanket. Jeff was taken to hospital. As of today, he is suffering the effects of a bad concussion, and is having trouble remembering, reading and with his concentration.

10. During the day, natives assaulted police who made no attempt to arrest them. During the day the police faced the residents who were not violent instead of the natives. One witness said she saw a native push an officer violently from behind. The officer turned, looked at the native, did nothing and then turned back to face the residents.

11. Although OPP did not send any meaningful backup (one reporter said about 10 officers did come to join approx. 8 original officers) as the situation was escalating during during a 2 hour period, they blocked the main road about one mile away near the Canadian Tire store in town. They allowed natives to get through to the scene, but refused to allow residents to pass.
Read the rest here.

Thanks to Broom commenter WL Mackenzie Redux for the link.


Anonymous said...

The Caledonian hooligans are no different, either in their goals or their methods, from the hooligans in Queens Park. It's the same issue whether you're a homeowner on land that someone wants for a casino or a farmer's wife trying to sell pies at a market. Where there is no respect for private property there is no peace.

NIAC said...

Regardless of any real issues, Gary McHale is someone I'd like to push, run into, and start a fight with.