Saturday, December 1, 2007

No F*ing Way!

Today's Free Press poll rates how city council has performed during its first year.

With the huge sinkhole downtown and crumbling infrastructure all around, thousands spent on useless arts and heritage grants, secret closed door meetings, enacting nanny-state bylaws, defending futile zoning lawsuits, debating a Performing Art Centre that hardly anyone wants--it is no surprise council got a F-grade.

The worst thing about it is we still have three more years till the next election. On the positive front, at least the sinkhole will be filled in by then.


Anonymous said...

"debating a Performing Art Centre that hardly anyone wants"

If by hardly you mean you and people that think like you (the minority of people), you are 100% right! A++++++++ Would listen to crazy rant again!!1!!!

Jake said...


Are you smoking crack? Actually, they have done many polls over the last while and barely anyone wants a PAC--just special interests who likely don't pay taxes. I dunno why you want to spend millions on a facility only a fortunate few will use. I guess you like telling people how to spend their money, but hey, that's what folks like yourself are best at.

If you think taxpayers should spend $60 million + on a PAC when our roads and sewers are collapsing in front of our own eyes, perhaps you need to get you head examined.

Oh sure, a PAC will be a fantastic venue--too bad we wont be able to drive or walk to it because all the streets downtown will be gone. I guess we will be "Creative City" by then so it wont matter.

shadowminx said...

An optimist how refreshing. Okay so the first sinkhole will be filled in when 3 yrs is up, but there will probably be one at Richmond and Dundas next after all the pipeline is loooong. Or maybe it will be Wellington and Dufferin? What do I know I'm not even sure what pipe broke if it was a pipe.

Then again, in 3 yrs we'll all be stupid and vote for Ms Mayor again...sigh...we never learn do we?