Wednesday, December 5, 2007

London is wilting

When a city resorts to spending money on metal trees to attract tourism and beautify a downtown full of empty facades

When a city begs the province for money to fix aging infrastructure though they raise taxes every year and spend our money on arenas so Rod Stewart and Cher can come to town

When a city holds property hostage in the name of heritage

You know that city is not the place to be.

Welcome to London. According to the latest census data, London is losing young people to cities that offer jobs commensurate with their education and abilities.


But the city is attracting many more people from smaller towns and cities.

The danger in the latest equation from the 2006 Census is that London becomes a retiree zone while young workers head to other high-tech centres, city business leaders said yesterday.

"We are a regional hub for health care, education for Southwestern Ontario," said Gerry Macartney, general manager of the London Chamber of Commerce.
Jobs are overrated. Just ask Lindsay Sage, co-chairperson of Emerging Leaders, and also Director of Marketing and Development for London Public Library:
The loss has as much to do with perception as the high-tech jobs in Kitchener, said Londoner Lindsay Sage.

Sage is co-chairperson of Emerging Leaders, a group trying to increase the involvement of 22- to 44-year-olds in the city's future.

[..] "The XY generation, 22- to 44-year-olds, work to live, not live to work."

Cities that offer entertainment, culture, easy transportation and affordability can draw workers from that generation, Sage said.
No matter the logo, the reality of the situation in London trumps any marketed "perceptions". Quite simply put, this city is becoming increasing expensive to live in each day and unless you are fortunate enough to land a job with one of the few high-tech industries still operating within city walls or are resourcefully lucky to win a job at city hall, your choice is a call centre or retail, complete with corresponding credit bills and student debt.


Jake said...

I guess with my new business degree I can get a job as the manager at the new Banana Republic store at Masonville Mall. Or maybe the new 311 call centre will be open soon and I can help Londoners through the maze of bureaucracy at City Hall.

London is destined to become a hollowed out shell in a decade or so if all they offer to young folks like me are call centre and retail work.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Well Jake can't you get an affirmative action job like the new Canadians do?

Jake said...

Nope, I'm a young, white male who was born in Canada. I'm not considered "visible" or a "minority".

Elaine said...

Poor bastard, you are white, and young. Sure you don't have a handicap card, or a gender identity crisis going on for you? You at least must have a criminal offence or two you can pull out of your hat.