Friday, December 7, 2007

Free Stuff Alert

Police in Conyers, Georgia are providing a gift to local thieves this Christmas. Cars containing visible packages will be tagged with a bright yellow ticket, saving potential cons the trouble of checking each vehicle one at a time:

Officers with the Conyers Police Department will be on foot patrol in the parking lots of major shopping areas in the city over the next couple of weeks. They will place yellow tickets on vehicles with packages or boxes of merchandise that are visible on the seats or floorboards of cars; in other words, vehicles that are easy targets for thieves.

Conyers Police Chief David Cathcart said the yellow ticket program is part of an overall crime prevention program to help remind people to be careful with regard to their Christmas packages.

"If you leave packages in clear view in your car, then you might be providing an opportunity to a thief that can be avoided if you are just a little more careful," said Cathcart. "Even if you put your packages in the car and think you're only going to be in another store for a few minutes, you're still at risk because it only takes a moment for someone to take advantage of a situation."
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Vancouver police have not yet resorted to flagging the cars of the careless, but they aren't exactly protecting your possessions either:
The Vancouver Police Department has announced a new crime prevention campaign to reduce theft from vehicles. The campaign includes a series of TV ads and posters at bus stops that say: "If you leave it, thieves won't".

[..] [VPD Chief Jim] Chu says the start of the campaign is a good reminder for shoppers during the holiday season to leave nothing in their cars. "The main reason cars are burglarized is because possessions are left in clear view of thieves."

Part of the campaign is to distribute signs that can be left in cars, saying: 'Nothing to steal but this sign. Please don't steal the sign'.
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