Friday, December 7, 2007

Frank Le Fou, Live On CHRW

London's one and only true bard, Frank Le Fou, appeared live on the mighty CHRW 94.9 this week, and we have the audio. Although he's more accustomed to late-night gigs, Frank turned in a passionate performance, only slightly tarnished by the bad engineering of the smarmy DJ. Whoever that guy was, he had Frank's microphone up way too loud.


Fans of this sinkhole serenader, this pothole poet, will be suffused with delight as he sings all their favourites -- including a raging version of "I Will Never Laugh Again At New Orleans". Frank is a Creative Cities lab experiment gone horribly right.
  • 3% And Risin'
  • I Will Never Laugh Again At New Orleans
  • The Outdated System's To Blame
  • Whatever Happened To Storybook Gardens?
  • Pothole City
  • Downtown London, What A Mess