Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Forbidden knowledge

Since the City lost its three-year legal battle to prevent demolition of a house at 915 Richmond St. because council had been ruled to have acted improperly by imposing a development freeze behind closed doors, it seems in keeping to hide the City's in-house legal costs over the case from the public as well. This is to protect the public from… well, from the embarrassment of knowing that they have a council that spent well over $328,000 for absolutely nothing.

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NIAC said...

If not at least 'untoward', there must be something illegal about the PUBLIC officials' constant secrecy.

My assumption is that there MUST be something illegal, or immoral, when a meeting goes on behind closed doors. That assumption remains, and I will never be convinced otherwise.

If I was stupid enough to run for a seat, I would publicly denounce such meetings, and of course would refuse to take part so that I can still stand in front of someone at A-Channel and bitch about it. Maybe, someone would get the hint?

Richard said...

I agree niac!

Absolutely nothing should be done behind closed doors and I am shocked that this behaviour is allowed, especially with public money at stake!