Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Decrepitude and closed businesses are our heritage

Council voted last night to pursue a city lease of the old Capitol Theatre on Dundas St. at an estimated cost of between $1.15 million and $1.6 million for 10 years to preserve "what's left" of it… specifically, a generic front lobby that's been abandoned for years and a narrow and very unassuming façade, which would be a fitting epigraph for downtown London and its city council.

Why bother? When even "a longtime advocate for retaining heritage properties" like Butch McLarty from Alt-London thinks it time to "move on," there's not much of a constituency to buy any more with its preservation. At that price, there's nothing else much to buy anyway.


Jake said...

Spending all that money for some old, rotten out theater "facade"? The Capitol theater has nothing really spectacular from what I recall as a kid. This city gets suckered into bad deal over "heritage" every few years. Just look at the old TD bank building on Wellington and Dundas that cost more to renovate that the initial low purchase price.

Elaine said...

Do you believe this will be the coldest winter in nearly 15 years, as forecast by Environment Canada?

Yes 51%
No 49%

Total Votes for this Question: 524
I really don't get these polls at the London free press. What are they going to do with that? Prove how many Canadian winter deniers there are out there? Giving the glowtardians hope so they don't feel so stupid about buying all those bottles of sunscreen off the junk table at the a&p.

We want some real polls, interesting ones. Like how long do you think it will be before another big mother of a sinkhole appears in downtown London.

I was reading in the freeps today about London billing itself as a retirement town. Can't find it now but it was the stats on young people leaving London and the geritol crowd moving in.

Why don't they take those old dumps downtown and renovate them into retirement complexes? No need for a pac center, if you are wearing hearing aids, acoustics don't seem to matter any more.

The glowtardians would be loving it. I don't know anyone over 55 that leaves a light on, puts the heat past 69, or flushes the toilet more than twice a day.

Open up bingo dabber stores, and fancy clothes shops for their pets. Perhaps theme park like funeral homes.

Start pushing it: London the bestest little town in Ontario. Come die with us.

Elaine said...


I know you guys and everyone on the blogshere are going to be having a hay day with this.

Our very own little ndp banshee from London Ontario is in need of the vapours.


A New Democrat MP rose in the House of Commons on Wednesday to complain that she saw Moore with a racy image on his computer screen while at his seat in the parliamentary chamber.

Moore, a parliamentary secretary from British Columbia, vehemently denied the claim. =ctv.ca

But New Democrat Irene Mathyssen rose on a point of order, complaining she saw "an image of a scantily clad woman'' on the screen of Moore's laptop -- in clear view of other MPs and the public gallery.-ctv.ca

*If it were in clear view of other mp's and the public gallery, one would wonder why no one else saw it. What was Irene doing staring at his lap?*

The complaint came on the eve of Thursday's anniversary of the Montreal massacre, in which a gunman killed 14 women at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique in 1989. -ctv.ca

What an ndp feminist won't do for some attention to her cause.

I hope the stupid son of bitches on the left don't call for another expensive public inquiry into this.

I wonder what the hell she would have me up for if she seen my stash of delicious to die for hunks.

eng said...

I really don't get these polls at the London free press. What are they going to do with that?

If they want to be a retirement town, they want to poll everyone's corns and knees for weather predictions. Since it is not much better than chance, you will see a 50-50 split.

London billing itself as a retirement town

Maybe it was a misprint. Or they used the License Plate Censor software and it flagged "retardment town". It uses a spell checker to offer "did you mean..." alternatives, and "retirement" was the closest permitted word.

Elaine said...


Cut me some slack, I have been up since 3:30am

I did read it, that Richmond fellow wrote it. It was funny, something about London's bloom wilting on the vine.

Elaine said...

From that poll I can see there are a whack of grey hairs living here. I don't think anyone under the age of 35 pays that much attention to the weather.

524 people responded to that poll. We either are a retirement town, for real, or we're the most boring sons of bitches on the planet.

Butch (The Beast) McLarty said...

The City of London doesn't want to see another hole in the Dundas streetscape. I can understand that.

But to push the lobby of the Capitol Theatre (without the auditorium, now demolished) as a heritage property (it's not designated under the Ontario Heritage Act) is a stretch.

The same fate occurred to the old Century Theatre back in the early 1990s and its lobby was spectacular. But look what's occurred to that theatre remnant -- and it is designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

Whenever you see council members such as Tom Gosnell, Bud Polhill and Roger Caranci jumping on the so-called heritage bandwagon, you know something's wrong -- as in wheelbarrows of City money flowing to a land developer(s).

Elaine said...

Farhi knew what he was doing. He owns all that property down town, a lot of it old dumps.

He knows the heritage people will fight like hell for it not to be demolished. Once a year he can hold council hostage, saying they better rent it off him, or the building is going down. Win-win situation for him.

No wonder city hall is always advertising to hire for jobs that no one has ever heard of. I am putting in for the elevator greeter. They got to fill those buildings. Pissy thing is, we have to pay the wages of all those do-nothings they are hiring.

Lisa said...


The link to the article you refer to is here:

"Bloom of London Fades"

Unless young people with university degrees and corresponding debt are content to work at a call centre, London doesn't have much to offer unless you are a taxspender or a well-off developer like Farhi.

Elaine said...

Thank you Lisa. I knew I didn't dream it.

When you think about it, with London city council carrying on what a gem we have with Storybook garden in our midst, you just know this town is screwed.

It is like the telitubbies are running it. Gushing over, Storybook gardens and Fanshawe Pioneer village.

Even if someone comes here from out of province, or out of country to visit, you would never take them to those places. You would be embarrassed to show them that is all London has to offer in the way of tourist attractions.

Elaine said...

Lisa, do something with that Irene banshee thing. She is making females look so freaking stupid. The picture that goes with the ctv article is just so funny.

She is all worked up about the anniversary thing, and looking like she needs to destroy a man in retribution.

Even if the poor bastard was looking at a women in a bathing suit, who could blame him?

If you had to sit across a room, and have your ears and eyeballs assaulted by the ndp feminist, you would need to reassure yourself that all females aren't like that.

Elaine said...


Goodnight Irene, you've been outed.

Looks like Irene didn't learn a damn thing while she was helping *Me*-again Walker in the LNC election, not that long ago.

Irene, did you not see what that did to *Me*-again and her political ambitions, not to mention her credibility, when she sneakily tried to torch that Burghardt guy who was working on St. Pearsons campaign?

Guess what, you are in store for much worse humilation than that.

This is national, they will have no mercy.

Elaine said...

Do you suppose the islamist have infiltrated the ndp and Irene has converted?

I notice she is looking less and less female and covering up her naughty things like elbows and knees. Offended by a women in a bathing suit, when not that long ago the ndp party was applauding females going around with their ta ta's untethered in public.

Mercy, that was a quick assimilation.

I hope they don't call a fatwa out on that Moore tory, he looks like a nice young man.